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5 Skills to have to Get Hired by Top Employers
July 10, 2017
5 Skills to have to Get Hired by Top Employers

At any given day, thousands of job applicants scour the cities and business centers for opportunity. In truth, not all will get hired. But those who do get offered a career have these 5 skills that every top employer looks for:

1.Adaptability Skills

In the 21st century, specializing in a particular discipline or body of knowledge is a must. However, one must also remain adaptable or flexible to learn other skills. It is no longer enough to rest on one’s laurel and insist on performing based on the knowledge and skills gained from one’s college or university.

High productivity professionals are those who are able to learn and develop new knowledge and skills while maintaining mastery over their original core competencies.

For example, one might be an excellent software engineer but the company might need you to demonstrate the value of the software products. Doing so would require learning presentation skills to convince potential clients or customers to purchase the company’s products.

Those who are open to learn and adapt to the needs and requirements of a company will always get hired.

2.Communication Skills

Communication skills is an absolute must. The skill of communicating in person, via email, through phones, using traditionally written business correspondence, or even through imagery and sounds --- is a top skill that must be learned by all job applicants.

Having the ability to communicate is valuable inside the company where management, supervisors, and rank-and-file need to communicate daily to get the job done.

Building and maintaining relationships with customers, clients, partners, and other business stakeholders also takes a lot of communication.

3.People Skills

Having people skills means being adept at establishing and fostering good relationships inside and outside the company. Most tasks require working with fellow team mates or colleagues, and this means that one must be able to blend well with others.

Outside the office, one needs to deal with the company’s prospects. This, too, requires people skills especially if one is in the field of sales and marketing.

In life itself, people skills is a must. Having good people skills helps “lessen the friction” that sometimes occurs between people.

4.IT and Social Media Skills

Having computer or IT skills is also a big plus factor. With the rise of social media not only as a platform for people-to-people interaction but also for business expansion, having a diverse set of IT skills is a definite plus factor for any job aspirant. Specifically, having skills in cloud computing, digital marketing, or data analytics are only some of the skill sets that will put premium on any job applicant’s resumé.

5.Business Management Skills

Having a good business sense also makes a job applicant stand out. Top employers no longer just look for applicants with a good education and work history. They want to hire people that have potential to rise up the ladder. Top companies are on the lookout for people who possess skills in handling the business. Applicants who can show that they can take leadership positions and handle the future of the company will have a much higher chance of getting hired.

Of course, all these skills would not be complete without a Positive Attitude. People who demonstrate positivity are also chosen for their attitude and ability to influence others. One’s attitude, indeed, is an influencing skill that top employers look for. They want people who can help energize others and bring the company to the next level. So, to reach your success goals, start with developing all these skills and get the job you deserve.

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