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Best Opportunities Abroad for Filipino Nurses in 2021
April 14, 2021
Best Opportunities Abroad for Filipino Nurses in 2021

Nurse postings are opening up in many regions across the world.

The legacy of the Filipino nurse is one felt all over the world, even more so now where medical professionals are needed for the survival of healthcare systems in the pandemic. As the backbone of any medical institution, nurses are always in demand whether it be in Europe, the Middle East, or North America—We list down the top countries where demand is high for skilled nurses where you can apply for now.

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Middle East imports many of its healthcare working sector, and Saudi Arabia is a major hub for medical staff. The kingdom’s government hospitals are the usual employers for nurses as well as private medical institutions that are in need of nursing staff especially during these times.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is estimated to need an additional 15,000 worth of foreign nursing staff to support its National Health Service (NHS) in their government’s efforts to control the pandemic. Many specialties from general, to critical care, to midwifery are open.

CLICK HERE to see our nurse openings in the United Kingdom.

United Arab Emirates

As is evident from Saudi Arabia and Qatar being on this list, the UAE is also a major importer of Filipino workers. Nurses make a significant part of the FIlipino workforce and many private and government clinics are currently open in taking foreign staff.

CLICK HERE to see our nurse openings in the UAE.


Being the third largest destination for OFWs in the Middle East after the UAE and KSA, Qatar has been a steady hub for Filipino work which is mostly in the engineering and healthcare sectors.

CLICK HERE to see our nurse openings in Qatar.


If you’re willing to learn a new language, becoming a practicing nurse in Germany might just be a good fit. With some basic training in German, the country offers many nursing positions and opportunities that even offer some allowances for language classes.

CLICK HERE to see our nurse openings in Germany.

Other Countries

Although in varying demand, openings for nurses are also open in the USA, Ireland, and Oman. These fluctuations in openings are sometimes due to worker limits or travel bans but opportunities do come up at certain times.

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