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How to Write a Winning Resumé
July 10, 2017
How to Write a Winning Resumé

Getting your dream job starts with a very basic requirement: write a winning resumé. A good resumé gets your message across that you are the right person with the right education, training, experience, skills, and attitude for the job.

But not every resumé is the same. Some are really better than others. If you want the top employers to notice and choose yours, follow these simple tips:

Choose the Right Type of Resumé

There are different types of resumé but the most common types are the chronological, functional, and the combination.

A chronological type highlights your entire career or job history, beginning with your latest position. If you have a strong history behind a specific position, you may want to consider this approach. For example, if you are looking for a job in the journalism industry, list all the journalism-related jobs you’ve had. There’s no need to put there your other job experiences that have no direct relationship with being a journalist.

If you do not have a strong work history that shows your lengthy experience for a particular job opening, the use of the functional type of resumé is the best option. This type focuses on your functional skills. For example, if you are applying for a restaurant manager position but you have limited work experience in this post, highlight your attributes that are fit for the restaurant business. For example, highlight your good oral and written communication skills, people skills, and being focused on details and customer satisfaction. All these functional skills are transferable and necessary for a restaurant manager position.

In some cases, it is advisable to use a combination of both the chronological and functional type.

Be Concise and Accurate

Headhunters go through hundreds of resumés each day and do not have the time, attention span, and patience to read through pages and pages of applicant information. So be concise and only write the most important details. The resumé also needs to be accurate since the accuracy as well as correctness of the information you put in directly reflects your personality and character. This means that you must not embellish your information and only state the facts. Experts in human resource recruitment have the ability to check your background, so be sure about the accuracy of the work history you provide. Accuracy also includes being free from grammar mistakes, typo errors, and inconsistent data. Make sure your resumé is 100% error-free.

Highlight Skills and Qualities

Highlight your best skills and qualities, if possible, at the top of the resumé. This makes it easier for the recruiter to pre-screen whether you have the skills that their company needs. Listing your skills and qualities near the top of your resumé immediately lets the recruiter know why they should hire you. Once you get their attention, it is then that they scan downwards to check your work history and other related details on the resumé.

Use Keywords

Using keywords in the resumé is also a good technique especially nowadays when recruiters use software to search the Web for possible candidates. For example, for a sales position, using keywords such as ‘top-seller’, ‘multi-awarded sales professional’, and ‘consistently meets the sales quota’ are words and phrases that can help get your resumé more views in an online job portal or job applicant database.

By following these simple but important tips, getting your dream job might take just a few more adjustments on the computer and printing out a winning resumé.

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