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A 100% Filipino-owned corporation, Staffhouse International Resources has been recruiting top-level professionals since its inception in 1999. Within a mere few years, Staffhouse has become an industry leader, gaining the trust of both workforce candidates and the world’s biggest companies.

Staffhouse Stays on Top as the No.1 Deploying Agency for 2020
March 1, 2021
Staffhouse Stays on Top as the No.1 Deploying Agency for 2020

Despite the challenges, Staffhouse leads the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration's (POEA) 2020 list of Top Deploying Agencies for skilled workers for the third consecutive year. 

No industry was safe from the scorn of the pandemic in 2020, many businesses had to adjust and even halt operations just to stay afloat. Yet, through all the struggles, Staffhouse has maintained its quality of work for its clients and workers. This pays off with the recent release of the 2020 list of Top Deploying Agencies for skilled workers by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

For the third year in a row, Staffhouse has proven that its practices withstand whatever trial—even through a pandemic. On how they approached the crisis as it happened back in 2020, Managing Director, Marc Capistrano shares, “A Crisis Management Team was formed right away.” With the uncertainty that the early months of the pandemic brought, Marc states that safety was prioritized above all at the time. “[Our] first instinct was to secure the safety and security of our people,” he adds. Over the course of the year, Capistrano shares that Staffhouse was in constant communication with applicants as well as clients to assure that updates were provided. “We adapted by remaining relevant. We continued to touch base with our existing clients and ensured that they knew that we are still open for business. We ‘kept the lights on,’ so to speak, even as a lot of industry players basically shut down.” This reassurance was crucial in bouncing back when it was clear to continue operations.

Mark Capistrano, Staffhouse Managing Director

It didn’t take long as by mid-2020 restrictions started to ease and work deployment could continue. “We started deploying workers again in July 2020,” Capistrano stated. Staffhouse has since put safety and sanitation at the forefront of its new normal practices as workers are still being deployed to this day and their well-being is of the utmost importance for the company. Elaborating into their safety practices, Marc shares that, “Face-to-face interactions are very limited - Interviews are done online through Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and selected applicants now submit their requirements online or through courier services such as LBC, GrabExpress, etc.” He continues that physical interaction with applicants and the company only happens at the end process of the recruitment cycle, “The only time an applicant is asked to report to the office is when they are already being deployed and we have to release their travel documents.”

With a three year streak under their belt and another challenging year ahead, Staffhouse is poised to take it all on after coming out on top in 2020. On their goals for this year, Capistrano keeps its simple: “Operational excellence: build a leaner but more efficient team. Upgrade the talent within the company. Step up marketing activities targeting new markets as well as developing existing ones.” He added, “we are facing 2021 head-on. We have to remain bullish. Now is not the time to be timid.”

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