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What Great Managers Do Differently
July 17, 2018
What Great Managers Do Differently

What sets a manager apart from others? What makes him/her unique? What makes this particular manager better, best, or great from others? Many do not realize the core characteristics of a great manager. One may claim to be the best of them all, only to be conflicted and denied by his/her employees. Yes, we’ve all seen this scenario from time to time, a self-absorbed management personnel basking in all the credits on a successful project, and putting the blame on the employees when another one fails. That is a big red flag and should be a perfect example of how “not” to be a manager. But you may ask, “What should a person do in order to be classified as a great manager then?” Well, look no further than some of our best examples:

1) A great manager creates a good working environment.

We all know how “toxic” a workplace can get. Conflicts and injustices can arise, thus, there needs to be a moderator to set things straight. It is not just about managing the workflow of your employees, but rather, also being able to implement the dos and don’ts in order to avoid conflict and confusion amongst your workers. Consider getting the feedback of each and every one of your employees and determine the best rules or policies to implement in order to create a linear working condition that will ensure a smooth workflow for your whole staff.

2) A great manager sets clear expectations for his team.

If the whole team were to handle a major project, it is only fitting for each and every employee to identify their tasks. You are given a chance to clarify the responsibilities of each individual, putting the pieces of the puzzle together and setting them with a job order that would really allow them to showcase their skills. As the manager, do your own homework and determine their skillsets, it would make things easier and allow you to save time placing them with tasks that they are most comfortable with in doing.

3) A great manager knows how to show appreciation for his team.

Go out of the ordinary if you want to, but even a simple token of appreciation would suffice. Everyone’s been working hard and the least that you can do, as the manager, would be to try it and congratulate them in their triumphs and thank them for their unwavering determination to finish the tasks. Remember, an ant hill doesn’t form all by itself; it is by the will and determination of worker ants that makes it a formidable mound for the colony’s survival. The same thing goes for your team and even the company as a whole, as no project, big or small, would be finished without the main backbone of the company, and that is your employees.

4) A great manager allows flexibility and creativity amongst his/her team.

Doing something repetitive can get boring, so it is your obligation as the manager to motivate your team to be creative. Help them develop their skillsets further and propose a training program or a seminar from the higher-ups. Motivate them to do the tasks in a unique manner. Not only would it make the job more fun, it would also lead your employees to a much enhanced and efficient way in doing the tasks, thus, benefitting the company in the long run.

5) A great manager recognizes each of his employees’ individuality.

Not all employees are the same. Some employees would do the tasks more differently than the others. In such case, you should not call out a person at work whenever he/she deviates from the normal procedure. Yes, there are always set of rules to follow, but as long as the employee isn’t doing any harm, but instead, improves the workflow with their own deviation then there is no cause for alarm. If this doesn’t affect their workmates and they are still able to finish the tasks in a very convincing and timely manner, then by all means, allow them to proceed with their own unique process. Another important thing to note about individuality is that, there should be no comparison between employees. This type of act is a big no-no and would only lower morale and start conflicts within your team. Remember, it is your job to motivate them, not only as employees, but also as people with a huge potential to improve and learn more throughout their stay in the company.

If you’re looking for a perfect example of a company that values its key players, look no further than Staffhouse International Resources, a 100% Filipino-owned employment agency in Manila. We have been recruiting top-level professionals since our inception in 1999, and are now a well-known name, trusted by both workforce candidates and the world’s biggest companies. We also have a Manpower Relations Desk where deployed candidates can communicate with us, if ever they’d encounter concerns after deployment. For more information, you may contact us at +632-913 3333 and

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