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March 20, 2018 Comments (0)

5 Expert Tips for Following Up with a Recruiter

Yes, we’ve all heard the same story time and time again. You prepared well, you gathered all your important documents, freshened up your resume, arrived on time for the interview, and answered all of the questions well. However, you haven’t received any call or text afterward, leaving you to think that your answers may have not been enough after all, or you haven’t impressed the interviewer that much. No need to worry, as we had listed a few expert tips for following up with a recruiter. With just the right amount of attitude and positive outlook, who knows, you may very much land that job in the end:

1) Never forget to say “Thanks!”

You do not need to hand out a note expressing your gratitude after an interview, rather, you may just simply send out an e-mail to the interviewer, perhaps within the same thread of notification informing you of the interview date and time. Think of it as hitting two birds with one stone. Aside from the fact that you’ll be giving out a well-needed “thanks,” you’d also be able to remind them of your name, a simple act, a simple gesture, yet very appreciated when things end up well after.

2) Follow it up with a reminder of your strengths.

No, it’s not just a shameless form of self-promotion; it’s also an opportunity to keep your name at the top of a company’s list, by emphasizing all of the advantages you’ve already told them within the interview itself. Repetition can only do so much, so make sure you highlight the things that you can offer the company. That’s the main point of a job interview, after all, analyzing who has all the pre-requisites that the company is looking for.

3) Spell-check everything.

One way of proving your strength and efficiency for the job? Spell-checking. Not only would they appreciate the proper delivery of your words and sentences, but they’d also see how serious and focused you are when doing a particular task. If you can’t even do a simple “thank you” e-mail right, then how else would they be able to trust you with bigger tasks, let alone, hire you in their company?

4) Maintain formality when following up.

Regardless if it’s by e-mail, text, or call, always do your best to maintain proper decorum when following up. If it’s by e-mail, avoid adding emoticons, exclamation points, and informal language in your message. The same goes for text messages, avoiding spelling shortcuts as well. When it’s via phone call, have the consideration of not calling them during noon, the common schedule for lunch breaks. If ever you’d call for a follow-up while they’re in a meeting (how would you even know, right?), have the courtesy of apologizing for any form of interruption and instead offer to call them back at a later time.

5) Observe the proper timeframe for updates.

Normally, interviewers would mention a timeframe for updates, a particular gesture that indicates that you should keep your lines open for either the good news or otherwise. Do not be afraid to ask them after the interview if ever they forget to mention such a timeframe. Aside from that, you should also remember not to call or text before the timeframe has passed, do not be too pushy or impatient, interviewers have a lot to handle as well. Allow them to call you first if the mentioned date or time for the update has passed, only then can you do a proper follow-up.

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