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April 15, 2020 Comments (0)

7 Helpful Tips to Ace Your Online Interview

Here are some tips to keep in mind so you can impress in your next interview.

Quarantine has changed the nature of the interview process but there are principles to still follow so that everything goes well. It may seem like it’s easier to pull off an interview in just a video chat format but there are things that can still go wrong and there’s no harm in being too prepared, especially if it means surely landing you a job overseas. We at Staffhouse have been doing online interviews for our applicants for years, so we know what it takes to pull it off. Understanding that this digital interview platform is convenient and safe, especially during this time. From how you present yourself to how you express yourself – these are some handy tips to ace that interview.

Wear Proper Attire

This should come easy. You don’t have to prepare a full outfit for the interview but just your upper half, or whatever is seen during the interview. For women, a presentable blouse or shirt, just avoid sleeveless and off-shoulder pieces. Keep your hair neat, tie it up if you want. It’s up to you if you want to put on makeup, just make sure it’s a clean look. For men, a simple collared shirt can do wonders. Since the interviewer will only see your upper half, make sure your shirt is clean and wrinkle-free. Style your hair if it tends to be frizzy at home. Lastly, since you only made your upper half presentable, make sure to not stand up during the interview or you’ll risk showing your pambahay shorts on camera.

Have Earphones On

Communication is key in doing well in an interview and you have to maximize that. The best tool to have for this is a good pair of earphones. This will help you hear your interviewer clearly and understand everything they say. At the same time, most earphones will have a built-in microphone which will aid you in being heard. An awkward situation that you’d want to avoid in online interviews is constantly asking each other to repeat what the other person has just said. Not being able to understand each other, which leads to delays in the interview flow, will leave a bad impression on the interviewer.

Stay in a Quiet Room

This tip is also on maximizing communication between you and the interviewer by minimizing unnecessary sound. Stay in a room with the thickest walls or where you’d be most isolated from whatever noise that can come into your house. If you live with anyone, ask them before the interview starts to stay quiet for the duration of the interview so you don’t have to ask them during it. If you have a fan in the room during the interview, make sure it’s not directly facing where your mic is because it can cause a windy sound that can disturb the interviewer. Keep the door where you’re locked just to make sure no one will disturb you throughout the interview.

Keep A Plain Background

We’ve already talked about presenting yourself properly during the interview, now you also have to present a proper background behind you. Simplicity is best in this situation, find a blank wall to set up in front of. Plain colors will work best here. You can also use windows as a background, just don’t sit too close to the windows especially when it’s bright outside because the light will drain you from the video. Keep the curtains closed if ever it’s too sunny outside and just keep the light on in the room. An extra tip to better present yourself is to have a lamp face to you from behind the laptop or smartphone so that you are seen clearly for the interview.

Ask If You Are Heard Clearly

This tip is for during the interview. When you’re answering a question or explaining something at length, take some pauses to make sure that the interviewer is hearing everything you’re saying. Something as simple as, “Can you hear me clearly?” can assure that your thoughts are received. You’d want to avoid talking for too long and having the interviewer not understand some parts and you’re left having to repeat a huge chunk of what you just said.

Have Stable Internet

We all know that sometimes it fluctuates and becomes slow at the most crucial of times – like in an online interview. So to reduce the chance of it messing up, you can ask for people to disconnect from the Wi-Fi at home while the interview is ongoing, or stay in a room where the connection is strongest to keep the internet connection stable. Make sure you have the necessary apps on your device for the interview, the most commonly used are Zoom, Skype, and FB Messenger.

Have Helpful Files Ready To Send

The last tip is to be prepared with your files, just in case. Showing that you have things prepared expresses professionalism. Files such as your resume, legal documents, and references should be with you ready to send just in case the interviewer asks for them. Ideally, these files should be in PDF format for documents and JPEG or PNG format for photos. Interviewers might need some extra information during the interview so it’s good to have certain files ready. Another tip is to have notes prepared and do research beforehand. Notes on the nature of the job, the company you’re applying for, and other additional information can help you answer questions faster by having them in front of you rather than just thinking of answers on the spot.

During and even after this pandemic, the future is definitely going in a digital direction and we must innovate to adapt our processes to the times. As we adapt our technology and structures as a company, these tips will help you adapt as modern-day applicants.