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July 10, 2017 Comments (0)

Advantages of Hiring a Filipino Talent

There are clear and proven advantages to hiring Filipino talent. Name the industry or business, and you are sure to find a Filipino at the top tier of talents.

Whether it is I.T. or education, construction and engineering, entertainment, hotel and restaurant industry, health services, or in shipping — Filipinos have made their mark.

Filipinos have found a way to dominate almost every art and science and any discipline that they put their heart into. For this reason, top companies the world over hire Filipinos for both top management and rank-and-file positions.

So what makes Filipinos tick? Why do they succeed in their home country and overseas? Here are their unique advantages and why top companies hire them:

Filipinos are Flexible. A truly outstanding trait of Filipino professionals and workers is their ability to remain flexible. This means that despite their strong education and training in a particular field, they are always willing to learn new knowledge and skills to serve their clients and help their company. In essence, their attitude towards multi-tasking is very open. Filipinos always go the extra mile and go beyond the specific requirements of a job description or contract. They are so eager to please a customer or a supervisor, an attitude that is rooted in the Filipino’s high value for hospitality and friendship.

Filipinos are Language Masters. Aside from their mastery of the American English language, Filipinos are quick to adopt other foreign languages. The rich historical and socio-cultural background of the Philippines had made Filipinos very open to new experiences and cultures, which includes learning a new tongue. No wonder, one can find a Filipino in almost every continent around the world.

Filipinos are Sincere and Caring. One will be hard-pressed to find a sincere and caring person than a Filipino. The Filipino’s deep love for family and friendship have made them a people who are very sensitive to the needs of others. This translates well to the field of customer service and in the hospitality industry. Their adeptness in navigating emotions and sensitivity to nuances of human interaction make them a very likeable group of people, and in effect, a unique group of professionals with real people skills.

Filipinos Work Hard and Work Smart. Perhaps the most important trait of Filipinos is their ability, willingness, and consistency in working hard and working smart. Filipinos, most especially those who live and work abroad, labor so hard on their chosen profession or occupation because of their family. Their desire to give to their family a chance at a better way of life drives them to work hard at their jobs. Each job and profession is not just an individual Filipino’s dream or passion, it embodies his or her goal of uplifting the lives of their loved ones. Thus, they value their profession or jobs which they as tools to make the dreams of their family members come true. 

With these traits, Filipinos have realized their goals and made themselves standout in whatever profession or job. It is for these same traits that Fortune 500 companies and other global brands have made Filipinos an indispensable part of their organization.

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