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December 8, 2022 Comments (0)

Advantages of Hiring a Filipino Talent

Filipinos are hardworking people, no matter what industry they work in. The culture of looking out for your family and putting them above anything else has come a long way, and Filipinos are known to go above and beyond for their loved ones. Whether they work in the Philippines or even outside the country, any business could leverage Filipino talent to their edge. If you’re a foreign employer planning to hire staff for your business, here are several reasons for hiring Filipino talents.


Overview of the Foreign Job Market for Filipinos

Many foreign employers prefer to hire Filipino talent for many reasons, but primarily because of the combination of desirable work ethics and competency that Pinoys possess. Filipino people are known to give their utmost attention and deliver 100% satisfaction. That’s why Overseas Filipino Workers, or OFWs, are everywhere globally.

The pandemic has dampened the job market for Filipinos overseas. Data from Statista shows that about 2.24 million OFWs had been repatriated due to the COVID-19 pandemic as of June 2022. 1.4 million were land-based workers, while roughly 808,000 were sea-based. Now that economic rebound is on the horizon and businesses are finding their footing and rebuilding their operations, the job market is slowly gaining traction again.

The country’s Department of Foreign Affairs says that the creation of the Department of Migrant Workers is a welcome development that reflects the country’s commitment to establishing a globally recognized migration management system.


Top Reasons for Hiring Filipino Talent



Filipinos are the image of resilience. When storms head our way—literally and figuratively—Filipinos can still muster up the courage to smile and laugh to their heart’s content. This culture of resilience embedded in Filipinos makes them built to last. Filipinos aren’t quitters, especially if it’s for their loved ones. Working out of the country is never easy. Being away from your wife, husband, or kids is hard and lonely, but Filipinos pull through and make the best of their situation. Family is a tremendous driving force and motivation for Filipino resilience to shine worldwide.

English proficiency

The Philippines considers English an official language, which makes communicating well in English among the advantages of hiring Filipinos overseas. According to a 2022 English Proficiency Index by international education company Education First, the Philippines ranked 22nd out of 111 countries, with a score of 578. The country ranked second highest in English proficiency across East and Southeast Asia behind Singapore.

It might not be a requirement in every industry that its workers speak good English, but proficiency in English is undoubtedly an excellent advantage for your hiring prospects.

Flexibility and willingness to learn

A very desirable trait among Filipinos is flexibility. Filipinos can quickly adapt to different standardized rules or procedures, especially in the workforce. The number of Filipinos living outside the country speaks volumes about the Filipino people’s remarkable capacity to adjust to their environment and thrive.

Filipinos also value education and are always open and willing to learn new skill sets and techniques at work. In today’s times, upskilling is a vital trait to progress career-wise. They are also good teachers and could be valuable in training their colleagues. Many businesses prefer to onboard Filipino talents because they are easier and faster to train.

Skillfulness and competence

Filipinos are naturally resourceful because they always find alternative and creative ways to make a situation work in their favor. This level of resourcefulness reflects their determination to provide for their families and make ends meet when times are hard. Skilled workers are the backbone of any business, and Pinoys being highly trainable makes them more beneficial to any business. The Filipino workforce has long been considered globally competitive thanks to its outstanding performance in the outsourcing and overseas labor markets.

Working remotely is slowly becoming part of the post-pandemic new normal, and the country continues to be considered a sweet spot for building an outsourced team. Whatever their work is, Filipino talent can and will exceed employers’ expectations


Filipinos are known to be hospitable, bringing a positive mindset to their workplace. They are also cheerful people to work with, which makes them easy to get along with. Leadership is among the Filipino people’s strongest suits. Pinoys are known for not hesitating to share their talent with their colleague—a core characteristic of authentic leadership. Filipinos are bound to be in demand again globally, with the world reopening as COVID measures continue to be relaxed. Whether in the healthcare industry, engineering, customer service, retail, or food and beverage, there’s bound to be a perfect fit for any Filipino talent.

Guided by a trusted manpower agency in the Philippines, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) or now the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), Filipinos are now ready to find jobs overseas again to provide for their families. Many Pinoys work across the globe, reflecting how Filipino people always bring something to the table regarding work and responsibilities.

Applying for overseas employment may take a while, but it is worth it. Life in the Philippines is not always easy, and it’s normal for people to brave the unknown and sacrifice their physical presence to give their families a better life. It’s no wonder OFWs are considered modern-day heroes.


Trusted Recruitment Agency in the Philippines for Foreign Employers

Looking to hire Filipino talent? Staffhouse International Resources is committed to providing Filipino talent with the best employment opportunities in the global labor market. Visit our website to learn more about our recruitment services. You can also email us at info@staffhouse.com or call us at +632-8913-3333. You never know, hiring a Filipino might be a recipe for your company’s success.