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October 26, 2023 Comments (0)

A Guide for Filipinos on Why Austria’s Work Culture Makes It an Ideal Workplace

Regardless of your profession or industry, integrating seamlessly into a new workplace is a key factor in ensuring a successful career. This is especially true if you plan to work abroad in a country like Austria, which is rich in many cultures and traditions. While Filipinos are known for their adaptability, you must still grasp some essential nuances when it comes to Austria’s unique work culture.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Austria’s work culture, shedding light on the values, etiquette, and customs that will help you navigate the Austrian professional landscape with confidence and ease.


Importance of Understanding Austrian Culture

You might think that working abroad means simply doing your job within a certain schedule. In reality, you must acclimate well to your work environment to blend in with your colleagues and gain more Austrian job opportunities.


1. Cultural integration
To successfully adapt to life in Austria, it’s crucial to integrate into the local culture. Knowing their customs, traditions, and social norms will help you build positive relationships with colleagues, neighbors, and friends. Ultimately, this integration can enhance your overall experience abroad and make you feel more at home.

2. Communication
Effective communication is at the heart of any successful endeavor. Understanding Austrian culture can help you navigate social interactions, communicate more effectively, and minimize misunderstandings. It can also boost your chances of excelling in a professional setting.

3. Respect and tolerance
Austrians value respect and tolerance. Familiarizing yourself with their culture demonstrates your willingness to respect their way of life, which can lead to better acceptance within the community.

4. Workplace etiquette
Austrian workplaces have their own set of etiquette and expectations. Knowing how to conduct yourself in a professional setting—including punctuality, dress code, and communication styles—is essential for career success.

5. Legal and social considerations
Understanding Austrian culture can also help you navigate the legal and social aspects of living in the country, such as knowing your rights, responsibilities, and entitlements. These aspects can vary from what you’re accustomed to in the Philippines.

6. Quality of life
Embracing Austrian culture can enhance your quality of life. You can fully enjoy the country’s rich history, art, cuisine, and outdoor activities. It can also help you engage more deeply with the local community, enriching your overall experience.

7. Safety and security
Being aware of Austrian customs and social norms can contribute to your safety and security. You may be less likely to inadvertently engage in behaviors that could pose risks or offend others.


5 Aspects of Austria’s Work Culture

When you find job vacancies in Austria for foreigners, you must study their work culture to prepare yourself for a new work environment. The earlier you learn about these things, the better you can adjust abroad.


1. Work-life balance
Austrians value work-life balance, and they expect their employees to do the same. This means that the average working week in Austria is 35.5 hours, and overtime is limited. Employees are also entitled to a generous amount of paid vacation time, as well as paid sick leave and parental leave.

Additionally, many Austrian companies offer flexible working arrangements, such as telecommuting and part-time work. This allows employees to better balance their work and personal lives.

2. High minimum wage and salaries
Austria has a high minimum wage. Its salaries are also generally higher than in many other countries, allowing employees in Austria to live comfortably and save money for the future. For your reference, the average monthly salary in Austria in 2023 is €3,400.

3. Punctuality
Punctuality is very important in Austria, both in the workplace and in social settings. It’s considered rude to be late for meetings or appointments.

Austrians value efficiency and productivity, and they expect their employees to be on time and to be prepared for meetings. If you are late for a meeting in Austria, you should apologize profusely and explain why you were late.

4. Titles or hierarchy
Austria has a strong hierarchical culture. It’s important to be respectful of your superiors and to show their deference. This means addressing your colleagues and superiors by their last name, even if they’re younger than you.

You should also avoid being too informal in your communication with your superiors. If you’re unsure of how to address someone, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and use their last name.

5. Language
While English is used in many Austrian workplaces, it’s important to note that German remains the predominant language. Possessing proficient German language skills not only enhances your communication with colleagues but also reflects your commitment to assimilating into the local culture.


Staff in Austrian work environment


Why Austria is One of the Best Places to Work in the World

Austria offers many benefits to Filipino workers. Here are some things you should know if you’re considering working abroad.

• High living standard
Austria consistently ranks among the countries with a high living standard. With its well-developed infrastructure, efficient healthcare system, and quality education, you can enjoy a comfortable and secure life for yourself and your family.

• Natural beauty
Austria’s stunning natural landscapes—including the Alps, picturesque lakes, and charming villages—make it an attractive place to live and work. The country’s natural beauty provides opportunities for leisure and outdoor activities, which can enhance your overall quality of life.

• Land of job opportunities
The country boasts a robust job market with opportunities in various sectors, including technology, engineering, healthcare, and tourism. Its stable economy and low unemployment rate make it an appealing choice for job seekers, including Filipinos.

• Skilled labour needs
Austria faces a shortage of skilled labor in certain industries, such as healthcare, IT, and engineering. Filipinos with the relevant skills and qualifications are often in demand, increasing their chances of finding well-paying employment.

• Immigration policy
Austria has a relatively welcoming immigration policy for skilled workers. It offers various visa and residency options like the Red-White-Red Card, which is designed to attract qualified professionals and allows for family reunification. This policy makes it more accessible for you to secure work and residency in Austria.


Learn to Blend in With an Overseas Employment Agency in the Philippines

The key to landing Austrian job vacancies as a Filipino is not just to excel in your professional role but also to immerse yourself in their local culture. The work environment in Austria contributes significantly to why it’s an excellent place to work.

If you need help finding Austria job hiring for Filipinos, look no further than Staffhouse International Resources. Since 1999, we’ve been helping employers find quality talents and supporting job seekers in their job search journey. We’re here to guide you in the Austrian work culture to ensure you blend in well and live a comfortable life abroad.

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