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October 12, 2023 Comments (0)

Bulk Hiring Strategies and Services for Your Growing Business

In the international recruitment business, bulk hiring is not a foreign concept. When this occurs, it usually signals that a company is rapidly expanding its footprint, making forays into new markets, or exploring other opportunities. In any case, companies call for mass hiring if they anticipate a future need.

Bulk hiring is a complex task that requires constant calibration and coordination in the entire recruitment process—from acquire to hire.


What is Bulk Hiring

Bulk hiring, sometimes called mass hiring or volume recruitment, is the process of screening, shortlisting, and recruiting candidates on a large scale in a shorter period due to organizational needs. Bulk hiring is typically a three-step process: preliminary interview, shortlisting, and final interview.

Hiring talents in bulk requires an intense focus on hiring velocity, automation, and efficiency. In bulk hiring, every part of the recruitment process needs to be assessed, from candidate screening to onboarding.

Volume-based recruiting also happens when seasonal work spikes or high turnover rates are within specific departments. In Canada, for example, seasonal jobs during the winter are up 28% year over year from 2021, with a demand for customer service agents and sales associates concentrated in the retail sector, according to a November report by Immigration News Canada.

Bulk hiring brings complexities, and if not professionally managed, it can lead to time-consuming and costlier hiring, lack of visibility for other roles, communication issues, and suitability of applicants.


How to recruit large numbers of talent?

● Assemble an all-star hiring team

The bulk hiring process requires effective strategies to have the best of the best people in human resources. The bulk hiring of Filipinos in many developed countries like Canada, Australia, or New Zealand will require the hiring team to have all their hands on deck to ensure qualified and skilled people who meet the requirement will be sent to employers.

● Develop a mass hiring plan

A successful mass hiring strategy means having an elaborate plan, including sourcing, screening, hiring, and onboarding. Evaluate and assess what positions and how many need to be filled. This information will give you a base on the trajectory of your bulk hiring drive. Plan your hiring timeline and set definite dates to ensure the plan is achievable. You should also plan the cost metrics to know if you are going over or under the budget. Tapping a bulk recruitment specialist can help you develop a better mass-hiring approach.


Bulk Recruitment Tips

Bulk employment tips and services

● Use technology to your advantage

Technology—the internet in particular—is there to make everything easier. Now that almost every process relies on online strategies and application tracking systems, technology plays a vital role in employment decisions. Utilizing technology like AI-powered recruiting tools and resources and posting promotional job ads online helps you streamline the recruitment process by enabling you to reach a broader and more diverse pool of clients. Most importantly, technology allows bulk recruitment to be less time-consuming.

● Utilize referral system

Did you know that employee referrals are four times more likely to result in a job offer? The referral system has long proven its effectiveness in the recruitment aspect. You can ask your current staff whether they can recommend people within their networks.

● Spend on promotions

Reaching the quota on mass hires usually requires many promotional activities, like posting on the internet or joining job fairs. Now that many companies are increasing their recruiting efforts and rebounding from the global depression brought on by the pandemic, allocating enough budget to job promotions should be among your priority to reach a wider pool of qualified talents.


Bulk Hiring Common Mistakes

Bulk recruitment tips


● Not making budget a priority

The workforce is the backbone of a company’s operations, so it’s only vital to spend an acceptable budget to get the best people to help your business succeed. Make sure you break down each element of the mass hiring process, so every expense is accounted for.

● Speeding through the selection process

Hiring by volume means the hiring process should be faster, but that doesn’t mean hiring managers or recruitment agencies pass through the process swiftly and recklessly. Speeding through the selection process, especially if the job has intricate specifications, can lead to hiring lesser qualified people or rejecting an overqualified candidate. Don’t rush to hire, but don’t wait for the perfect candidate because there is no such person. It’s about hiring people who can be trained to be perfect in the job eventually.


Bulk Recruitment through Manpower Agency

In the Philippines, it’s not uncommon for a family’s breadwinner to work abroad and send money to their family. Canada remains a top destination for Overseas Filipino workers for many reasons, including the country’s vast and diverse opportunities.

Staffhouse International Resources is a reliable manpower agency for Canada employers. We serve manpower requirements of companies in 6 out of 7 continents in the world, covering a wide array of industries, including automotive, engineering and construction, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, retail, and many more.

Staffhouse has proudly sent Filipinos to work for the biggest international companies such as Pepsi Cola International, Maple Leaf Foods, Porsche Middle East, Flint Energy, and more.

As the world heads toward normalcy, Filipino talent is again in demand for bulk recruitment drives. Mass hiring initiatives can be stressful for the people involved. However, if planned and managed well, your mass hiring process can produce the best suitable candidates for the jobs.

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