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February 6, 2024 Comments (0)

Canada Job Recruitment Guidelines for Hassle-Free Employment

Oh, Canada! The country is known for being welcoming to workers from all over the globe because of its vast diversity and better employment opportunities. Thanks to the government’s support, the country offers a structured recruitment process for skilled foreign workers.

In May 2022, the Canadian government announced reforms to the immigration process to ease the immigration process of bringing foreign talent to their country, through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Foreign workers must have an approved job offer and work permit before arriving in Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Through the Labor Market Impact Assessment, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada work with Employment and Social Development Canada to ensure that foreign workers do not take jobs for which Canadian citizens or permanent residents are available.

Canada job recruitment guidelines were made to make job search and talent acquisition easier. However, many Canadian employers still find it challenging to find foreign talent on their own. Fortunately, partnering with a trusted international recruitment agency solves that problem. Recruitment agencies help employers with job sustainability, a wider talent pool, and a positive LMIA.


Benefits of Using Recruitment Agencies for Employers


Access to suitable foreign candidates

Recruitment firms have access to a broader talent pool, which means they can help your business find people who are the best fit for the job openings. The best recruiters will easily find applicants’ technical abilities that align with the employers’ requirements, resulting in a successful long-term hire.


Recruitment agencies do the bulk of the work for you, saving your business time and money. They already have a system to filter applicants easily, interview potential employees and place them where they are most suitable. Foreign employers must build a relationship with recruitment agencies so the latter can understand your business goals and objectives. That way, they can hire the right talent quickly and cost-effectively.

Industry expertise

Tapping a trusted staffing agency to fill your business’ skill and labor shortage with foreign workers is a great way to diversify because these agencies have specialist recruiters focused on specific industries. Having a partner recruiter with industry-specific knowledge gives your business the advantage of getting the best talent. Industry-specific recruiters have access to skill-specific candidates and know of market trends, salary levels, and skills required.

Recruitment law expertise

Another benefit of utilizing is that they are well-versed in the recruitment laws of countries. Canada’s job recruitment process requires a lot of knowledge of recruitment law, and staffing agencies bridge the gap between employers and employees regarding wages, benefits, maternity leaves, workplace diversity, and even legal complications like unfair dismissals. A good recruitment firm has a dedicated legal team that works closely with overseas companies to ensure employment law is adhered to for foreign talents before, during, and after the hiring process.


How Staffhouse International Resources Recruitment Services Could Help You

Foreign worker recruitment is not a walk in the park. At Staffhouse International Resources, we are committed to giving Filipinos the best work opportunity abroad, and employers are provided with the best Filipino talent for their business.

1. Find recruitment solutions for a specific industry

Staffhouse recruitment team has a wide scope of talents for every type of industry. These service industry segments provide more options for employers and help them easily find the best staff for the business. Check out the several industries that we cover on recruitment services page.

2. Acquire the best talents with the help of a streamlined recruitment process

We have crafted a simple, well-formulated, and effective process for hiring applicants, making it easier for foreign employers. Our five-step hiring process allows us to determine which job would work best for every applicant regarding their skill set, experience, and preferred work setting.

  • • Submission of CV/Resume

Candidates can submit a job application online through our webpage or a walk-in application. Rest assured that we check every CV that goes through our network.

  • • Pre-qualification

Our recruitment team will sort out applicants and match their general profiles to job openings where they could be placed. Staffhouse has partnered with many companies across 6 out of 7 continents and has sent over 30,000 Filipinos abroad for better employment opportunities, so candidates will never run out of options regarding potential employers.

  • • Shortlisting

This is where Staffhouse works with foreign employers to check the shortlisted applicants pre-qualified by our recruitment team. There could be another round of sorting of applicants, depending on the need.

  • • Employer interview

Now that Staffhouse has filtered potential applicants for the role, it’s the employers’ turn to interview candidates so they can determine who will get the job. The pandemic has made online interviews an accepted and convenient mode of interviews for both applicants and employers. For candidates seeking employment in Canada, it’s essential to know about the 12-hour time difference (13 hours during daylight savings), so be prepared to be interviewed in the evening.

  • • Job offer negotiation and acceptance

Depending on the candidate’s performance during the interview, the employer may offer the job immediately or discuss with the recruitment agency to align the salary, job description, and benefits with the applicant.

Discover more about our effective recruitment process here: The Staffhouse Way of Hiring: Staffhouse Recruitment Process


What are the job sectors that are available at our Canadian recruitment agency?

Hiring foreign workers can help your business foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. In today’s global economy, having employees from various cultural backgrounds can be a real asset. Recruitment agencies don’t just provide a workforce; they also offer talent and support to help the business grow.

Staffhouse offers a plethora of employment services for Canada. Skilled Filipino workers can apply for jobs in Canada in the following industries:

  • • Admin and finance
  • • Agriculture
  • • Automotive
  • • Engineering and construction
  • • Healthcare
  • • Hospitality
  • • IT and BPO
  • • Logistics and distributions
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Retail
  • • Oil, gas, and petrochemical

Canada Job Recruitment Guidelines for Hassle


Over the years, our hiring methodologies, and practices at Staffhouse have evolved through time at Staffhouse. However, since our inception, we still uphold the same values—integrity, professionalism, and excellence.

If you require Filipino talent for your business in Canada, don’t hesitate to coordinate with us at Staffhouse International Resources. We proudly adhere to ethical recruitment standards that result in partnerships with the world’s biggest companies. Our Manpower Relations Desk is dedicated to helping deployed candidates whenever they encounter concerns. We ensure that every Filipino gets the best employment opportunity to advance their career abroad.

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