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March 31, 2023 Comments (0)

Employer Information Session: Tips That Can Improve Your Job Search

In today’s world, where there is a surplus of information, having a reliable source to collect the required information is essential. Gathering data is critical to making informed decisions, especially regarding one’s career. This is one of the reasons why employers conduct information sessions.

Employer information sessions are gatherings that businesses or organizations arrange to enlighten prospective employees about their corporate culture, employment possibilities, and recruiting procedures. The information session’s goal is to give job seekers a better idea of the organization and the abilities and credentials they are seeking in applicants.

Representatives from the business might present, lead workshops or panels, or take part in Q&A sessions with attendees at an employer information session. Topics like corporate history, values and mission, open positions, employee benefits, and application procedures may be covered in the workshops.

Why Attend an Information Session?

There are several advantages to attending an employer information session, including:

  1. Finding out about career opportunities: Attending employer information sessions is a chance to find out about positions that might not be listed on corporate websites or job boards. Attendees may benefit from this in their career search.
  2. Networking: By going to an employer information session, attendees can meet recruiters and staff from the business. Making relationships and knowing about potential employment openings in the future may both benefit from this.
  3. Understanding company culture: Employer information workshops give attendees knowledge of the company’s culture, values, and workplace. This might aid job searchers in deciding whether the organization is a good fit for them and their professional objectives.
  4. Gaining industry knowledge: Presentations and conversations about the sector in which the company operates are frequently included in employer information sessions. You can benefit from keeping up with industry trends and learning more about the sector.
  5. Answering questions: During employer information sessions, you can speak with recruiters and staff members about the company. This can offer useful information and aid job seekers in understanding the organization and its employment chances.

Attending an employer information session can help job seekers make informed decisions about their careers and increase their chances of securing a job with the company.

Information Session Goals

An employer information session aims to provide job seekers with a clear understanding of a company’s culture, values, and mission. These sessions also cover job requirements, the hiring process, and performance expectations.

Networking opportunities are available for potential job candidates and current employees or recruiters.

The goal of these sessions is to give job seekers a complete picture of the company and its employment opportunities while allowing the company to identify the most qualified candidates.

Virtual Information Session

A company may hold a virtual employer information session online to share information about their organization with prospective employees. Employers can communicate with participants and deliver information, respond to inquiries, and converse via video conferencing software.

The presentation, which usually includes a company representative, covers subjects such as the company culture, open positions, the application process, and the advantages of working for the organization.

Participants can take part in the event from any place with an internet connection. Virtual information sessions include an opportunity for guests to connect with the corporate representative and ask any questions they may have.

How Job Seekers Can Prepare for Employer Information Sessions

Information session tips

For job searchers who are interested in learning more about a certain company and its employment options, attending an employer information session might be beneficial. The following advice can help job seekers get ready for these meetings:

  1. 1. Research the company thoroughly to learn about its products, culture, and values. They should also check the company’s website and social media accounts for any job openings.
  2. 2. Prepare a list of relevant questions to ask during the information session. These may include inquiries about the work environment, job responsibilities, and career growth opportunities.
  3. 3. Dress professionally for the session, as they would for a job interview. This means wearing appropriate attire, such as a suit or dress slacks and a button-up shirt. For online information sessions, you can wear a collared top and keep your hair neat.
  4. 4. Bring multiple copies of your resume: Attendees of the information session should bring multiple copies of their resume. If they get the chance to meet the hiring manager or recruiter, they can give them a copy.
  5. 5. During the information session, job seekers should take notes to help them remember important facts about the business and available positions.

How to Move Forward After Attending an Information Session

The actions that job seekers should do after attending an employer information session are as follows:

  1. Write an email of gratitude to the employer representative or recruiter who led the session as a follow-up. This expresses gratitude for the time they invested in their presentation and the Q&A session. It gives you the chance to express your interest in the business and the position once more.
  2. Connect: Use LinkedIn or another professional networking site to get in touch with the employer representative or recruiter. This will assist in expanding your professional network and keep you informed of any upcoming career possibilities with the organization.
  3. Apply as soon as you can if you’re interested in a position with the business. Several employers have a rolling admissions policy, which allows them to hire suitable candidates as they apply. Apply before the application deadline, not after.
  4. Follow up once more: If you don’t hear back from the company in a reasonable period, send a polite email or give them a call to find out how your application is doing. This demonstrates your initiative and enthusiasm for the job.

Where to Find Virtual Information Session in the Philippines

Staffhouse International Resources, an employment agency in the Philippines, is one of the companies that hold employer info sessions. Last March 24, Staffhouse facilitated an online information session in collaboration with Globogate. Be sure to like and follow the Staffhouse Facebook page for upcoming virtual information sessions. Don’t pass up this chance to find out more about job openings and how they can assist you in advancing your career. Contact us to know more about our recruitment services.