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June 22, 2018 Comments (0)

How Your Hiring Process Impacts Company Culture

You may not realize it, but the way you hire new employees and the culture within the office would actually affect the company’s long-running progress. It may sound strange, but it’s really an important factor in the workplace, especially if you’re aiming for a more diverse environment and a high-performing workforce. On one hand, the company culture itself is the secret recruiting weapon, especially when word gets out of the company’s positive work environment, a clear mission, unwavering ethics, realistic expectations, and goals; you’re sure to attract many applicants this way. On the other hand, you also have your HR and talent acquisition professionals implementing a fair process of recruitment that will assure you of acquiring workers with a positive work ethic. You may ask, “How does the hiring process matter?” Well, here are just a few examples and the dos and don’ts that go along with it.

1). Hiring with no bias.

Okay, we know that every company needs skilled and well-educated employees. However, one should not limit their options with their own personal biases. In the U.S., if a particular company were to hire only white applicants, people would definitely raise their eyebrows and assume that perhaps, the establishment as a whole has an obvious bias against black people. In a similar way, we experience a sort of bias here in the Philippines, not due to our skin color, but rather, the universities/college from which we had graduated. We’ve all heard stories of applicants not getting hired due to the fact that they graduated from a non-familiar university. The more popular ones have their teams plastered on the posters of the yearly intercollegiate league, if your university isn’t included in the cut, then you may belong to an unfamiliar one. This should never be the case, as even the most talented and well-skilled workers may come from these types of universities. The popularity of an institution doesn’t guarantee the quality of the education; hence, the fame connected with a university’s name should not hinder a skilled applicant from getting hired by your company. The biggest blow to a company would also be a result of biased hiring, as this can have a direct impact on the bottom line, the main workforce, and the base of your organization.

2). Hiring what the company/organization truly needs.

Let’s say that you run a grocery store and you’re short of a cashier. Obviously, you’d hire an applicant with the skillsets of a cashier, right? You’re not going to hire someone who’s going for an inventory or logistics coordinator, as it is a mismatch for what your business or company needs. The same principle applies to each and every institution. Yes, there are countless applicants all over, but make sure you hire someone who would complete the team and be able to fill that void left by a former employee. Hiring a mismatch may cause concerns with the workforce as a whole, and even cause conflict among your best employees, and you wouldn’t want that. You may also want to look at the bigger picture, and decide to hire for the whole organization itself, and not just for a particular position. It’s not about completing the puzzle, it’s about finding the right fit that would make the puzzle coherent, the same way that your company would run smoothly with a new hire tailor-fit for your organization’s daily operations.

3). Hiring with the equivalent training at hand.

Do not hesitate to train your new employees. This doesn’t mean that you hired non-skilled workers, hence you need to train them, but rather, train them to be oriented with the work process and be familiar with the departments as a whole. Not only would they feel that they’ve arrived at the right place, but rather, their skillsets are appreciated and calibrated to blend with the company as a whole. Organizations that want to win the war for talent acquisition have to realize that the foundation for finding the best people is having the best hiring process, and well-delivered training is an important part of that.

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