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November 10, 2022 Comments (0)

List of In-Demand Jobs in Australia: Top Industries for International Applicants (2023)

Going abroad is a terrific way to find better work opportunities that can help you and your family financially. You probably have a relative or two who have been or are still working abroad. With many countries in the world where jobs for Filipinos are available, how do you choose which one to work in? The Middle East is a common region for Filipinos to find work. If you don’t want to go far, there are also opportunities in our neighboring countries like Singapore and Taiwan. Another country that has been attracting Filipino workers recently is Australia. If you’re considering working abroad and Australia is on your list of countries to work in, then read on to find out what opportunities await you.


Australia Job Trends for Post-Pandemic: Glimpse for 2023 onwards

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a shortage of workers across various industries in Australia. With Australia’s borders closed during the early parts of the pandemic, tourism was affected, and this has caused a domino effect in the labor industry. Jobs intended for working tourists were also left vacant due to the strict travel requirements. The Financial Times reported that almost half a million jobs in Australia are vacant. The country is said to have the second worst labor and skills shortage in the world, with Canada being the first.

Fortunately, with the development of vaccines, the situation has improved. Restrictions have eased, and vacations that were left vacant during the height of the pandemic are now ready to be filled, and some jobs are open to foreign workers. If you are planning to go to Australia for work, you must know first if they have vacancies that fit your skills and experience. What opportunities are available? We will know in this article.


List of In-Demand Jobs in Australia

Apply for in-demand jobs in Australia

1. Healthcare – Nurses

In the next three years, Australia’s healthcare industry is expected to be the fastest growing industry, with registered nurses being highly in-demand. Australia sees an increase in the aging population who need care from healthcare professionals such as nurses. At least 2 million nurses will be needed in the country in the following years.

Aside from assisting physicians, nurses also record the conditions of patients, perform tests, analyze results, and ensure that patients take the right medications. To perform these tasks, you need to have a degree in nursing and the appropriate license. If you are fortunate to work in Australia as a nurse, expect an annual salary ranging from AU$ 50,000 to AU$ 90,000.


2. Education – Education Aide

Education aides help teachers deliver effective lessons to their students. An education aide’s tasks include doing clerical work, preparing lesson plans, and engaging with parents. No academic degree is required, but work experience relevant to teaching or childcare is crucial. On average, an education aide earns around AU$ 45,000 per year.


3. Construction – Construction Managers and Workers

With the construction industry seen to boom in the next few years, construction managers will be in demand in Australia. A construction manager oversees on-site construction, ensuring that plans are executed as planned and on time. Relevant education and work experience are necessary to land a job as a construction manager in Australia. If these requirements are too strict for you, you can also work as a carpenter, electrician, or any other type of construction worker.


4. Information Technology – Software and Applications Developers

With digital technology going nowhere but up, demands for computer-related jobs will be high in the following years. Software and applications developers create codes or programs for various software and applications. Tasks are quite technical, so you need to have a relevant degree to do this job. IT jobs are some of the best-paying jobs in Australia, with a salary of around AU$ 70,000 per year.


5. Manufacturing – Sheet Metal Welders

Most industrial companies or other structural developments need to employ skilled sheet metal welders to fabricate, build, and install several types of metal structures for manufacturing equipment or facility structures. Aside from conceptual knowledge, most global companies require relevant experience related to the job description. Specifically, sheet metal welders and fabricators measure, cut, and weld pieces together according to specifications, blueprints, or directions.

Entry-level sheet metal welders job positions in Australia start at AU$ 11,900 per year, while most experienced workers make up to AU$ 41,100 per year.


7. Automotive – Mechanics

Automotive mechanics job roles are another in-demand job in Australia. They are responsible for fixing vehicles and replacing their parts for improvement. Auto mechanics’ job roles usually include inspecting the vehicle’s mechanical components and engine, diagnosing problems with vehicles, and performing maintenance and repair work on cars, trucks, and other vehicles. The average hourly pay for an Auto Mechanic is around AU$24.61 per hour or AU$ 39,000 per year.


Recruitment Agencies for International Applicants

If you are looking for a recruitment agency for Australia, course your application only through a legitimate and POEA-accredited agency like Staffhouse International Resources. Staffhouse has been successfully and safely deploying Filipinos to various parts of the world since 1999. It also has long-standing partnership experience with foreign placement agencies. Whether in Australia or any part of the world, expect Staffhouse to help you land your dream job in your dream country. See our recruitment services for the top industries in Australia and let’s partner in growing your business or career. Contact us today!