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November 22, 2022 Comments (0)

List of In-Demand Jobs in New Zealand: Top Industries for International Applicants (2023)

New Zealand is a popular destination for Filipinos looking for jobs abroad. The country looks picturesque with its green pastures that have served as backdrops in some of the best international movies. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the deployment of Filipinos to this country has temporarily slowed down. With borders closed, they could not accept migrant workers to fill in job vacancies. Earlier this year, the borders reopened partially, but this also led to some New Zealanders leaving their country to apply for jobs in other countries, like nearby Australia. Australian economists see vacant jobs to start getting filled starting in 2023. This opens opportunities for Filipinos dreaming of working in New Zealand.

If you are one of those who like to work in New Zealand, check this list for the most in-demand jobs in New Zealand.

In-demand Jobs in New Zealand

1) Nurses

The healthcare industry remains to be the top industry that requires workers, particularly nurses. The demand for nurses increased during the pandemic, but even after it is over, the demand will remain high. A nurse in New Zealand earns around NZD 52,000 to NZD 80,000 per year.

2) Teachers

From preschool to high school, New Zealand students need and deserve to learn from talented and dedicated teachers. With a constant new generation of students looking to learn, teachers will always be in demand in New Zealand. The salary of a teacher in this country ranges from NZD 50,000 to NZD 87,000 annually.

3) Machine operators

If you have experience operating heavy equipment or are willing to take courses and learn, you can easily find a job as a machine operator in New Zealand. The annual salary of a machine operator ranges from NZD 43,000 to NZD 64,000.

4) Construction workers

If you’re looking for a labor position, there are plenty of job openings in the construction industry. Construction jobs are going nowhere as New Zealand is addressing its infrastructure issues. The salary range of a construction worker is between NZD 47,000 and NZD 72,000 per year.

5) Plumbers

Alongside workers in construction sites, plumbers are also in demand in New Zealand. They earn somewhere between NZD 56,000 to NZD 96,000 annually.

6) Carpenters

As with construction workers and plumbers, carpenters are always in demand in New Zealand. They are needed in both the private and public sectors, from small projects to large construction contracts. You can earn from NZD 52,000 to NZD 77,000 per year if you get hired here as a carpenter.

7) Farmhands

A farmhand assists in various aspects of farm management and keeps the food production chain running smoothly. If you have an agricultural background, you have a good chance of finding a farmhand in New Zealand who earns NZD 48,000 to 50,000 per year.

8) Electrical Engineers

All engineering jobs are in great demand, but jobs in electrical engineering seem particularly in demand. If you have experience in this field, you should be able to find a job easily in New Zealand and earn NZD 54,000-100,000 per year.

9) Accountants

Accounting jobs are sought-after jobs in New Zealand because businesses always need help when it comes to managing their finances, making investment decisions, and planning for the future. If you have a background in finance, you can work as an accountant and earn NZD 43,000-81,000 per year.

10) Administrative Assistants

Businesses of all kinds need the help of competent and organized administrative assistants. If you think you have good organizational and time management skills, then you can work as an administrative assistant in New Zealand and earn NZD 47,000-71,000 per year.

11) Welfare workers

New Zealand expects many children in need of knowledgeable and competent adults to care for them in schools, medical facilities, and everywhere else, so the demand for child welfare workers will be high. If you take this job, you can earn around NZD 48,000 to NZD 66,000 annually.

12) Data Entry Operators

Businesses of all kinds in New Zealand need the help of data entry operators to keep their businesses organized and running smoothly. If you have data entry experience or are good at typing, detail oriented and willing to learn, you can qualify as a data entry operator and earn from NZD 42,000 to NZD 60,000 per year.

13) Radiologists

Radiologists in New Zealand are paid handsomely. In fact, they are some of the highest paid in the healthcare industry, earning NZD 370,000 to 680,000 per year. Clinics and hospitals need qualified radiologists to interpret scans, make diagnoses, and provide advice and information to patients.

14) Sales Representatives

In good times and bad, a strong sales representative can keep a business running. If you have a passion for selling, you can become a sales representative in New Zealand and earn NZD 43,000-73,000 per year

15) Psychologists

In recent years, people have been putting more importance on their mental health, and thus there became a strong demand for psychologists. In New Zealand, a psychologist can earn NZD 72,000-103,000 per year.


In-demand Jobs in New Zealand Staff

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