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May 21, 2021 Comments (0)

International Nurses Day 2021

Happy International Nurses Day!

On May 12th, we celebrate International Nurses Day (IND) to commemorate the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. We also celebrate all the amazing nurses at the frontlines for their courage, dedication, and service during this pandemic. 

Today, we share a few encouraging messages and heart-warming stories from our nurses overseas.

I was on the verge of giving up on nursing because of my previous experiences of inequality and unjust treatment. It all changed when I experienced nursing here in the UK, where they treat you with respect, and your presence is valued. You get to deliver quality care without compromising your own health.

I fell in love with nursing all over again when I started to work in this country. I get the work-life balance that is essential for one’s well-being. Plus, I get to be in beautiful places that I only used to see in movies. I’m living the dream!

It is through Staffhouse that his dream became a reality. They helped and guided me through the process to achieve what I have now. They were very responsive to queries and reassured me when bumps came along with my application. Even after we departed from the Philippines, they made sure to get in touch with us to get an update on our status.

Truly, they are God’s instrument to answer my prayers. So I am forever grateful to Staffhouse for the assistance that they gave me to fulfill my dream of being UKRN.

Hi, I am Dan Gerald Salunga, a 24 year old from Baguio City. I have undergone the German Language Training. Yes, it was tough and I really needed to dedicate myself, like having sleepless nights and living alone in Manila for me to pass my B2 Pflege Exam. It was really quite the adventure because of the rise of the Coronavirus pandemic during our B1 Level class. Incidents like cancellation of classes, the transition from physical to online sessions, being stuck in Manila, plus paying rent, and lengthened hours to make up for classes due to poor internet connection had a great impact on us. It was hard, but just like what my father said, “use every free minute to your advantage to have more time to study and learn Deustch.”

Honestly, I am not one of the brightest students in my class, and I’ve struggled and failed so many times during the GLT, like failing my first A1 Sprechen mock test and A2.2 Curriculum test. Yes, it was heartache and somehow depressing at first, but in life, it is normal. You can cry, drink alcohol in Metrowalk and even sleep for a day, but always think that it’s not the end of everything. Tomorrow is a brand new day to start all over and make yourself better. I believe that every person has a motivation to keep them driven. For me, my parents are my motivation because of all the sacrifices that they’ve done for me – that alone makes me want to study even harder. If you are worn out, always think of the reason and the people that motivate you and keep you determined.

Being done with the B2 Pflege Exam and just passing my Mündliche and Praktische Prüfung for my Urkunde. I would like to thank God, my parents, my girlfriend, Asklepios (Frau Astrid Sartorius and Herr Robert Volkmann), Staffhouse, and Globogate – namely, Mr. Justice, Mrs. Princess, Mr. Kirk, Ms, Kia, and Mr. Robert Bajado, for all your unconditional support for me to be here. It is really worth it being here, and I’m glad that I’ve chosen Germany.

Dear fellow nurses,

Please don’t give up on your dreams! Always follow your heart’s desire. We deserve better. Work hard and work smart lang at Habana and pasensya, just trust the process!

Sobrang hirap nang transition, pero sobrang blessed ko dahil sa journey ko marami ako nakilalang bagong friends and family, who share the same and goals and aspirations as mine… I’m still on the way of becoming a qualified nurse here in Blackpool, but I am enjoying every minute of my adaptation…

I know sobrang hirap nang current situation natin sa Pinas at madami man tayo pagsubok na pinagdadaanan para maabot natin ang dream na makapag-work dito sa UK, pero mafufulfill din natin lahat yan. Keep your faith!

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

I started as an adaptation nurse last 2018 at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, took my OSCE exam in May of the same year, and started as a Band 5 staff nurse in the acute stroke and rehab unit. I enjoyed my time in the Trust as I was able to learn a lot as the staff is very supportive and approachable. Then in the latter part of 2019, my career progressed as I was hired as a Band 6 charge nurse of our unit until the present time.

I like living in this area as it is near the coast, away from the busy streets of the city. There are a lot of tourist attractions to visit, and house prices are relatively lower than in other parts of the UK. I’ve been working at Blackpool Victoria Hospital for nearly three years now. 

Time flies kasi parang kailan lang, nasa Pilipinas ako at naghahanap ng agency to work abroad. Luckily, I found Staffhouse as my agency and I’ve been very thankful kasi they are very helpful and accommodating. They made sure they taught me through the application and I felt comfortable with the staff because they are very professional.

Many months ago I was a regular staff nurse in the Philippines working for a private hospital, earning between 10-16k monthly. It was a “no work, no pay” job, a stable salary for a single person, but not for someone who wants to save more and who wants to start a family.

So, being the goal-driven person that I am, I decided to risk everything to make my career a notch higher and to make the impossible, for me then, possible. For one month, I reviewed for IELTS, booked and passed it confidently, and a couple of months after that, I did a self-review in a span of 3-5 days for my CBT exam. I booked my CBT exam – which everyone thought would be the last exam to become a UKRN, but it isn’t, just to clarify. After passing the test, I then came across Jane Lewis, who then referred me to their agency in the Philippines which is Staffhouse. I submitted all my requirements and was due to fly to the UK last March 2020, but then COVID came.

So many things happened after that – the travel ban, deployment ban of the nurses and other allied workers, and agency errands. I waited for almost 5 months, fighting for the freedom of nurses, together with my colleagues. I was one of the members of “Prisonurses,” the group that bravely fought for the freedom of aspiring nurses who are eager to go abroad and start a better life – the group which I called my second family. We spearheaded the battle for our right to go where we want to work. We attended Zoom meetings, talked with government officials, and even tried sending a letter to the President. After weeks to months of perseverance and determination, we succeeded eventually.

To make it short, last August 2020, we arrived in the UK and started our jobs as OFWs. But it was still a Cinderella story after arriving here in Europe – I tried to fit in, making sure to listen to them very carefully, especially since they have different use of words and add the accent to that. Trying to familiarize myself with the rules, not just at work, but also in the streets where every move you do can be immediately used against you legally.

I did my OSCE review, the last exam to become a UKRN, from September 2020 to February 2021. So just this May 2021, with all my courage and knowledge summed up, I successfully completed my NMC application and passed my OSCE exam positively in Northampton, UK.

So to more aspiring PH nurses, do not just dream – do it with action.

To our nurses, thank you for your care, compassion, and service!