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February 9, 2023 Comments (0)

Nursing Job Recruitment for Canada: Staffhouse Partners with Manitoba, Canada

Staffhouse International Resources has partnered once again with the Government of Manitoba, Canada, for a five-day recruitment drive in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Iloilo to help hundreds of internationally educated nurses (IENs) and other healthcare providers in the Philippines land work opportunities in Canada.

The company held the drive on Feb. 21-25 and helped the province’s healthcare employer’s interview prospective employees, particularly IENs, who met two main nurse requirements for Canada:

● A minimum two-year experience in a hospital (acute medicine) or nursing home (care of the elderly)
● An internationally recognized English language test like the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses (CELBAN).

Manitoba’s healthcare employers also had the opportunity to provide conditional employment offers based on applicant qualifications.

Under the agreement between Staffhouse and the Manitoba government, successful applicants are entitled to the following supports:

● Assistance navigating the immigration process
● Paid licensing and bridging education where necessary
● Paid travel to Manitoba
● Accommodation allowance
● Workplace orientation, mentorship, and one-to-one support

Through these assistance efforts, Staffhouse and the Manitoba government aim to streamline the application process and make it easier for recruits to learn how to become a nurse in Canada from the Philippines.

Manitoba Health Minister Audrey Gordon explained that the local government is working with the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba and the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM) to reduce barriers to entry for IENs while maintaining requirements necessary for care and safety.

Jon Reyes, Minister of Labour and Immigration, added that Manitoba could attract IENs in the Philippines, with many Filipino immigrants already settling in communities across the province.

“I’m very proud to be a member of Manitoba’s large and dynamic Filipino community and long history of recruiting healthcare providers from the Philippines. The community and history in this province are vital to our recruitment of new Filipino healthcare providers who want to build a stronger future for themselves and their families,” said Reyes.

Staffhouse is the Top Recruitment Agency for Canada in the Philippines

Aside from Manitoba, Staffhouse also recently worked with the Government of New Brunswick, Canada, to recruit Filipino IENs. They held a healthcare recruitment fair in Manila and Cebu on Feb. 18-22 to bring more highly-skilled nurses from the Philippines to the Canadian province.

Staffhouse’s efforts to help nurses in the Philippines land jobs come as the country continuously fills its healthcare workforce to meet demand. These partnerships with Canadian government aim to strengthen the employment collaboration between Philippine and Canada healthcare industries. The job fairs features information sessions to open new employment opportunities for Filipino nursing hopefuls.

Aside from healthcare workers, Staffhouse has been recruiting Filipinos in other industries since 1999 to fill job vacancies in various parts of Canada. They have deployed thousands of Filipino workers in construction, engineering, food and beverage, hospitality, automotive, and retail, making them the top recruitment agency for Canada in the Philippines.

Healthcare Industry Job Trends in Canada

According to the Government of Canada, nursing jobs are available for foreigners, including Filipinos. Below are some healthcare jobs in the North American country that Filipinos can take, along with their median pay as of February 2023.

Registered nurse (RN)

Average pay: CAD$40/hour
RNs perform advanced care and practice similar to medical generalists. They assess patients with complex needs, administer prescribed medications and treatments, and assist in surgery and other medical procedures, among other tasks.

They can also take on different roles, such as:

a. General duty registered nurse
b. Occupational health nurse
c. Community health nurse
d. Registered psychiatric nurse
e. Nursing researcher and consultant
f. Clinical nurse

License or registered practical nurse (LPN/RPN)

Average pay: CAD$28.70/hour
LPNs are entry-level workers who assist RNs and doctors with day-to-day tasks. Their responsibilities include the following:

a. Provide nursing services to patients based on patient assessment and care planning procedures
b. Take vital signs, apply aseptic techniques, ensure infection control, monitor nutritional intake, and conduct specimen collection
c. Administer medication and record side effects
d. Provide pre-operative and post-operative personal and comfort care
e. Monitor established respiratory therapy and intravenous therapy


Average pay: CAD$104,646/year
Canada-based pharmacists are classified into two categories: Community and hospital pharmacists and industrial pharmacists. Community and hospital enforce the following duties:

a. Check prescriptions for proper dosage
b. Compound prescribed pharmaceutical products
c. Dispense and advise about prescribed pharmaceuticals to customers or other health care professionals

Meanwhile, industrial pharmacists implement the following tasks:

a. Research and develop new drugs
b. Formulate new drug products from medical researchers
c. Test new drug products for stability, absorption, and elimination patterns

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Average pay: CAD$36/hour
Medical lab technologists in Canada mainly conduct laboratory tests, experiments, and analyses to support diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and prevention of diseases. Their other responsibilities include the following:

a. Use and maintain laboratory equipment
b. Analyze blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluids, and other samples
c. Prepare tissue sections for microscopic examinations
d. Perform and interpret blood group, type, and compatibility tests for transfusion purposes
e. Validate and report test results

Occupational therapist (OT)

Average pay: CAD$41.32/hour
OTs help people with illnesses, injuries, developmental disorders, and emotional or psychological problems recover and strengthen their ability to care for themselves. They’re either self-employed or working in healthcare facilities, schools, and private and social services agencies. Their other responsibilities include the following:

a. Analyze client capabilities and expectations related to life activities
b. Addresses client needs related to self-care, work, and leisure activities
c. Maintain patient records


Average pay: CAD$43.50/hour
Canada-based psychologists mainly assess and diagnose behavioral, emotional, and cognitive disorders, provide therapy, and research behavior and mental processes. Their other responsibilities include the following:

a. Examine and assess behaviors
b. Help clients manage physical illness and disorders
c. Counsel patients about achieving more effective personal, social, and vocational development and adjustment
d. Assess patients through standard psychological tests

Approach the Experts: Agency for Canada in the Philippines

Staffhouse Manitoba Canada nursing partnership

Are you a Filipino nurse interested in taking your career to the next level? Or are you a Canadian employer looking to expand your healthcare workforce? Enlist the help of a reliable recruitment agency like Staffhouse to meet your needs and goals.

It has a long-standing partnership experience with foreign placement in Canada. Throughout the past 24 years, Staffhouse has also deployed over 30,000 Filipinos to various countries, a testament to its commitment to helping nations meet their labor needs and guiding Filipinos in their move to more fulfilling careers abroad.

Contact us via our website, email, or Facebook and LinkedIn pages today to learn more and launch your nursing career in Canada.