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March 9, 2023 Comments (0)

Recruitment Solutions for Increased Labour Demand in Canada

Industries and businesses in Canada are facing a labour shortage and are having a hard time finding enough skilled workers to fill their positions. The demand for labour in Canada is growing, with various industries and businesses seeking to fill more positions than ever before.

Talent Shortages Trends over Time

Canada has long struggled with a talent shortage, and in recent years, the situation has only become worse. If you are wondering why there is a labour shortage in Canada, it can be said that this trend has been influenced by several variables, including population shifts, economic expansion, and technological improvements.

Canada faced a skilled labour shortage in a few important industries in the early 2000s, including healthcare, engineering, and technology. The need for workers in these fields increased as the economy of the nation expanded and new industries formed, creating more severe talent shortages.

After the financial crisis of 2008–2009, which caused a severe contraction in the labour market, the situation grew worse. Even though the economy started to improve, a lack of skilled labour plagued several businesses. The issue was further worsened by demographic shifts, such as an ageing population, which resulted in a smaller labour force and a higher demand for workers in certain fields.

The issue of job shortages in Canada has become increasingly worse in recent years, with no signs of abating. A Manpower Group Talent Shortage survey revealed that 3 of every 4 (75%) of Canadian employers struggled to fill open positions, with skilled crafts, healthcare, and IT among the most severely affected sectors.

Industries in Canada with Labour Shortage

Several Canadian industries have been facing significant talent shortages in recent years, with some of the most affected being healthcare, information technology, engineering, skilled trades, and finance.

Healthcare. The healthcare industry in Canada is currently facing significant challenges in hiring professionals. The shortage of staff in many hospitals and clinics across the country is a result of the industry’s struggles in attracting and retaining physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. This problem is primarily caused by an ageing population, which has increased the demand for medical services, but there is also a lack of incentives for healthcare professionals to work in certain regions or specializations. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the issue, leading to increased burnout and turnover rates among healthcare workers. These challenges have led to longer waits for patients and increased pressure on the healthcare system.

Information Technology. The shortage of IT professionals in Canada has become a significant challenge in recent years. This has been caused by the high demand for technology in various industries, leading to an increased need for experts in areas such as network management, programming, and cybersecurity. Unfortunately, the IT industry is currently facing a severe shortage of skilled workers, making it difficult to fill open positions.

Skilled Trades. Canada has been experiencing a challenge in hiring skilled traders due to a shortage of qualified personnel. The trades that are in high demand include plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry, which are critical to the development and maintenance of the country’s infrastructure. However, the ageing workforce and lack of apprenticeship programs have contributed to the shortage of trained workers in this field.

Engineering. In recent years, hiring and retaining skilled engineers has been a major challenge for Canada. The situation is attributed to several factors, such as the ageing workforce, a shortage of recent engineering graduates, and the increasing demand for engineers across various industries. Canadian engineering firms, especially those in fields like civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, have found it challenging to find qualified candidates to fill their job vacancies. The problem is further exacerbated by competition from foreign firms for top talent and a general labour shortage of workers in Canada in this field.

Finance. The finance industry in Canada is facing challenges in hiring competent professionals, such as accountants, financial analysts, investment bankers, and credit analysts, due to several factors. One of the main challenges is the fierce competition from other companies that offer more attractive compensation packages. Moreover, many businesses are outsourcing finance jobs to regions with lower labour costs, posing competition for the banking sector. Additionally, the lack of diversity in the finance industry is another issue that hinders attracting a broader range of applicants.

Agriculture and Food Processing. A number of variables, including a decline in the number of young individuals entering these professions’ labour markets and an ageing workforce, contribute to Canada’s labour demand shortage in the agricultural and food processing industries. Also, these businesses have significant turnover rates because some workers are turned off by poor pay and difficult working circumstances.

Hospitality and Food Service. The COVID-19 epidemic, the ageing workforce, and shifting work habits are only a few of the causes of the severe labour shortage in Canada’s food service industry. To address the shortfall, it is necessary to adopt a multi-pronged approach. Employers can attract and retain skilled workers in this fiercely competitive market by offering better working environments, competitive pay, and opportunities for career growth.

Difficulty Filling Roles by Company Size

Difficulty Filling Roles by Company Size

The shortage of skilled labour in Canada has been a persistent problem, making it challenging for companies of all sizes to fill job vacancies. Businesses operating in different industries, from small-scale to large-scale corporations, are experiencing difficulties in attracting and retaining qualified individuals for the positions they need to fill.

Small businesses in Canada face difficulties in attracting and retaining top talent due to various factors. They often struggle with competing against larger companies that have stronger brand recognition and reputations, as well as the financial ability to offer higher compensation, better benefits, and more opportunities for professional development.

Additionally, small businesses may not have the resources to invest in employee training and development programs that could contribute to long-term staff retention. As a result, small businesses may have a harder time filling positions and keeping employees on board.

Larger businesses, on the other hand, could also struggle to fill open positions. It could be challenging for them to choose the top applicants due to the volume of applications they receive. Also, they could have difficulty in recruiting procedures that discourage certain applicants.

Canada Recruitment Agency in the Philippines

Dealing with this labour shortage in Canada can be daunting when there are other business goals you should be directing your focus on. Small and big companies alike can seek recruitment solutions in filling the open positions in their company.

With this said, you can partner with Staffhouse International Resources in staffing your available job vacancies via international recruitment. One location you can choose to hire top talents is the Philippines. Staffhouse can assist you with that. This trusted recruitment agency has serviced and has gained the trust of big international companies so you can be assured of receiving top-tier service in relation to manpower recruitment.

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