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November 14, 2023 Comments (0)

Leveraging Seasonal Hiring Trends in the Philippines: A Strategic Recruitment Plan

In the Philippines, recruiting staff for overseas job opportunities experiences seasonal variations. While many recruitment agencies implement a year-round recruitment process, talent availability tightens during specific periods.

Overseas talent acquisition poses challenges for organisations due to a dynamic job market and fierce competition for top talent. Organisations turn to recruitment agencies to employ the best hiring strategy to address these needs.

If you are looking for Filipino talent, tapping a credible staffing agency in the Philippines, like Staffhouse International Resources, is the best course of action to save costs, time, and effort.

In this blog, we will delve into seasonal hiring trends in the Philippines and how having a solid recruitment strategy and a trusted recruitment partner can help global organisations navigate hiring from the Philippines.


Seasonal Hiring Trends to Keep in Mind

The Philippines experiences unique recruitment seasonality influenced by numerous factors. Understanding recruitment seasonality is crucial for optimising talent acquisition. Recognising recurring patterns in talent availability allows businesses to align hiring initiatives with periods of increased supply, minimising challenges, and maximising success.

So, the big question is… when is the best time for recruitment?


  • January to February: New job resolutions

The beginning of the year is an exciting time to recruit people for several reasons. These months are prime recruitment windows as many seek a fresh start with the new year. Hiring budgets are also flying high around these times as competition to meet the tight competition and a wider pool of available talents in the market.

  • March to April: A dip in hiring activity

Following the initial hiring spike in the first two months of the year, a subsequent slowdown typically follows. After finalising annual budgets, some businesses discover a surplus of cash, enabling them to hire and expand their teams. Some recruiters use this time to prepare for the post-graduation candidate influx.

  • May to June: School’s out, and new graduates are in

The Philippines adheres to an academic calendar that notably influences the job market. Focus on the months between May and June and sometimes extending through July, which signifies the graduation period when fresh graduates enter the job market with enthusiasm and eagerness to launch their careers.

  • July to September: Quiet season

The post-graduation hiring surge is when the dust usually settles. Many companies exhaust their hiring budgets, particularly for the first half of the year; hence, the competition decreases.

A challenge for recruiters during this period is uncovering untapped top talents. While finding the right people to fill job vacancies during these months is possible, a general rule is not to exhaust all recruitment resources during these times.

  • October to November: Gearing up to close the year

As the year-end approaches, job seekers and recruiters intensify efforts to fill vacancies before the holiday rush, particularly in October when organisations exhaust their hiring budgets. Staffing agencies aim to conclude the hiring process by November for a smooth onboarding in the new year.

  • December: Deck the hiring halls

Many companies pause hiring towards the end of the year as businesses review the past year, wrap up tasks, and plan for the upcoming year, so hiring during this period can be challenging.

In the Philippines, it’s best to note that vibrant festivals and strong family ties define major holidays like Christmas, New Year, and Easter. Post-holidays witness a surge in job applications as individuals, having prioritised family time, seek fresh career opportunities. Timing your recruitment plans after these holidays can attract motivated candidates eager for a fresh start.


Hire Top Talent All-Year Round

A row of seated individuals holding clipboards, possibly waiting for interviews.

Every industry and position differ, so there is not a universal hiring season. However, companies continually aim to streamline operations and cut costs.

The Philippines is a hub for highly skilled professionals, especially in customer support, sales, and administrative roles. If you are hiring from the Philippines, it is best to outsource the hiring process to a trusted recruitment agency like Staffhouse.

In today’s world, especially with Gen Zs entering the job market, Recruiting is no longer only about what you can offer but also about what you stand for. More reasons for staffing agencies and organisations to work hand in hand to have an efficient recruitment plan to secure top talents.

Here are some effective strategies to navigate hiring year-round:

Strategically plan your hiring by analysing recruitment seasonality trends. Identify peak talent availability periods in advance to optimise recruitment efforts and map an effecting hiring strategy plan.

Align recruitment budgets with high-demand seasons to ensure cost-effective results. Enhance visibility and attract the right talent by targeting recruitment channels. Conduct an assessment with your employees as well; they are a considerable factor in telling you it’s the time for recruitment.

Understanding the Philippines’ recruitment seasonality enables informed decisions, positioning your organisation as an employer of choice, attracting top-tier talent, and fuelling business growth in the dynamic job market.

As a leading staffing agency in the Philippines, Staffhouse is dedicated to connecting employers worldwide with skilled Filipino professionals no matter what season.

Since our inception in 1999, we have helped over 30,000 Filipinos and have grown our operations across six continents. Lay the groundwork for your hires in the Philippines with us. We proudly say we’re a 100% non-fee-charging international recruitment agency.


Staffhouse: Your Global Employment Partner

At Staffhouse, we assist employers globally, including New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, in finding skilled Filipino workers to drive their businesses. We have delivered Filipino talents across in-demand industries such as agriculture, automotive, aviation, construction, engineering, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries.

Explore job opportunities abroad with Staffhouse International Resources. Our licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines is committed to offering top-notch employment opportunities. At Staffhouse, we connect highly skilled Filipino workers and professionals with global markets, highlighting the best the Philippines offers.


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