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July 12, 2018 Comments (0)

The Intangible Things Employees Want from Employers

Employees do not always aim for material things when it comes to their jobs. Yes, it is given that they look forward to their regular pay and benefits; however, they also have needs within the office. A well-engaged employee would be most motivated by the good spirit and intentions of their employers, mainly because it would indicate that they are in a healthy work environment. Even when the daily tasks is stressful, such condition would not affect their performance, knowing that they can productively make the most of each job order and that making a mistake would only result in a meaningful lesson learned within the workplace, rather than the employer raising their pitchforks and making a beeline for the employee. You may ask then, what are these intangible things that employees are most looking forward to from their employers? Well, here are just a few good examples:

1). Liability

A great employer shows responsibility towards their employees. It’s not just about paying them on time and making sure that they are working in a safe environment, it’s also about having their back when things do not go according to plan. A failed project, for example, would be a good opportunity for an employer to be by his/her employees’ side. If the project failed due to an unforeseen circumstance rather than human error, then the employer has every right to defend his/her employee, instead of putting all the blame on that said worker, in order to please the client. This is a big no-no when trying to appease everyone after such circumstances, especially as it may greatly affect your employees’ morale in the long run.

2). Trust

Let us put the responsibility on the employees’ side this time. As an employer, it is your obligation to give your employees the trust that they deserve. You can give them projects to handle and manage along the way, and even provide them more opportunities after a successful first run. Not only does it show that you recognize their skill, it would also show that you appreciate the fact that they are mature and responsible enough to finish the tasks. Speaking of appreciation.

3). Recognition

Remember back in the day, when you were still a student and you’d be called up on stage in order to receive your medals on recognition day? Such is done and organized by your school in order to recognize your hard work and perseverance in your studies. The same goes for working adults. You see, it is by nature that we as humans would seek out appreciation for our hard work, and regardless of age or gender, you will always have the need for recognition. As an employer, it is a must that you are able to take time to thank and congratulate your employees for a job well done. You do not need to rent out a whole marching band to do just that, the simplest gesture would be to treat everyone to a free lunch or even organize a simple sit-down dinner on a Friday night. A simple free meal goes a long way.

4). Balance

It is a work-life balance, to be exact. If there’s a huge project to work on, overtimes are unavoidable, however, you should also remember to give your employees a break and let them loosen up after the project has ended. Don’t just push them towards another major project, give them time to recuperate from stress caused by the recent workload, only then can you proceed to give them further heavy tasks. If an employee were to ask for a leave due to a family gathering, by all means, let them have it. Show them that you recognize that they are also human beings who have families back at home. Show them that you are aware that there are more things in life than just work.

5). Self-progress

All company settings would evolve one way or the other. Along with that, you (as the employer) are entitled to change for the better as well. There’s nothing bad about that as there will always be room for improvement, in order to advance the company as a whole. However, you should not leave out your employees during such stages, but rather push them in the right direction in order to develop their skills and morale more. Think about it, they are the main backbone of the company. If you were not to strengthen that backbone, no matter how strong the head (employer/management) is, the company as a whole would still falter. Make time and effort to usher them towards progress as well, and watch your company tackle much harder future projects with ease.

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