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March 8, 2020 Comments (0)

Top Job Opportunities for Filipinos Around the World

In the past few years, the Middle East has been the top destination for Overseas Filipino Workers but based on online job searching behavior, results show that Filipinos aspire to work in other regions of the world as well. Top results include New Zealand, Europe, North America, and Japan. Here are the top job opportunities for Filipino talents in these areas:

New Zealand

Located in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is among the countries that offer the best quality of life and is one of the safest countries to live in as well. Skilled physical work for carpenters, cabinet makers, welders, glaziers, and machine operators for plastics is high in demand here.

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Europe (Germany and United Kingdom)

With these two countries in the top 25 countries with the largest elderly population in the world, care for older or geriatric patients is in demand. Healthcare is a priority anywhere in the world, and with the Filipinos’ skills in nursing, one wouldn’t find it hard to find opportunities in the region.

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Right next to the United States, Canada has also become a haven for OFWs. Filipinos are the third-largest group of Asians in Canada and have constantly contributed to the country’s economic growth. Skilled laborers such as cabinet makers, meat cutters or butchers, and pork production technicians are needed in the country.

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As one of the top countries in trade with Japan, the Philippines has become a reliable source of labor for Japan. This is further strengthened by JPEPA or the Japan – Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement. As the top country with the largest elderly population in the world, care workers who have finished their contracts under JPEPA are a constant need for the country.

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Opportunities for Filipino talents are available globally. If the distance is not an issue, one can take a leap and find the right job almost anywhere in the world.