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March 17, 2021 Comments (0)

5 Ways Staffhouse Keeps Filipino Applicants and Workers Safe In The New Normal

From digital integration to proper safety protocols, Staffhouse upholds the health of all its clients, workers, and applicants.

For 2021, Staffhouse has refined its processes even further to better suit the times with caution and care for everyone involved. As a top deploying agency, the welfare of both applicants and employees is a top priority as Staffhouse continues its business in recruiting and deploying well-needed workers around the world. Here are five ways that we keep our applicants and workers safe:

Smooth Online Integration

Key recruitment encounters such as interviews, job offers, and even orientations have now been adapted to an online format that upholds ease in communication with the safety of no physical contact. Staffhouse’s recruiters have formulated a system that minimizes the risk of in-person interviews and maximizes technology that can be used for not only interviews but document submission as well.

Constant Office Sanitation

Even with the online methods of most of our operations, many other points in the recruitment process must still be done in person as well as some administrative work for our employees. Thus, Staffhouse’s office has been fitted to handle work without the high risk of the virus. Basic protocols such as the wearing of masks and face shields by all employees and visitors are implemented. Social distancing is strictly maintained in every department and room, periodical sanitation of hands and office equipment is done throughout the day, and shuttles services for employees to further lessen exposure.

No Appointment, No Entry

On the applicant’s side of physically coming to the Staffhouse office, an astringent “No Appointment, No Entry” policy is in place to control the flow of people coming in every day. Only a limited number of recruits are allowed per day and appointments are made online through our Facebook page in coordination with the recruitment team. Our security and reception personnel will not allow entrance to visitors without a set appointment.

Document Drop Box

For certain documents that require physical submission, a dropbox system is set in place outside the Staffhouse office building for applicants to place their required paperwork to not hinder the progress of their application. This box is constantly sanitized and available throughout office hours.

Minimal In-Person Contact

The recruitment team has created an end-to-end process where in-person contact is only saved near the end of the application. When a recruiting prospect has passed all the interviews and requirements, acquired their visa, and has been issued a ticket for deployment—only then will they be invited to the office for their final orientation and the release of travel documents. For this, a recent COVID-19 test must be presented by the applicant to confirm their negative status – entrance to the office will be denied until they can present the test results along with the appointment confirmation from Staffhouse.

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