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July 18, 2023 Comments (0)

Recruitment Agency for New Zealand Employers Hiring Skilled Workers

New Zealand is a land of opportunity for anyone searching for better employment. New Zealand’s economy is a highly-developed free-market economy, and its labour market is in constant need of a human workforce to meet growing demands. The country’s demand for skilled worker jobs is slowly getting back on track now that NZ has opened its borders following a two-year closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The country also offers a vibrant work culture, friendly Kiwis, and stunning scenery, which makes them among the preferred choice of foreign workers. The government of New Zealand conducts annual reviews and adjustments of its minimum wage rates as part of its commitment to boosting the economy by supporting the growth of jobs in the country.


Skilled Workers Demand in New Zealand

New Zealand is a very welcoming country to foreign workers since they contribute to filling the labour shortage in the country. The government needs skilled workers in various fields, including agriculture and forestry, healthcare and social services, recreation, hospitality, and tourism, as well as construction and engineering.

Authorities in the country publish skilled occupation lists as part of attracting migrants. Locals cannot fill the skilled worker jobs in the said list. There are three types of skill shortage lists:


  • • Long-term skill shortage list

This list identifies jobs that have been sustained and are in short supply across the country. Visa issuances under this program have been closed since Oct. 31, 2021, and have since been replaced with the Accredited Employer Work Visa program.

  • • Regional skill shortage list

This list includes occupations that are highly in shortage in particular regions and indicates that no NZ citizens or residents are available to take the position.

  • • Construction and infrastructure skill shortage list

This list contains job openings in critical shortage, specifically in the construction industry across the country.


Filipino Skilled Workers in New Zealand

According to the statistical data, in 2019, approximately 1.18 thousand Filipinos were living in New Zealand as emigrants, with most Pinoys residing in Auckland. OFWs in NZ usually take up jobs as domestic helpers, construction workers, factory workers, health care workers, fruit pickers, and even teachers.

Filipinos are welcome to work in New Zealand. The country’s employers value Filipino migrant workers because of their resilience, warmth, and hardworking attitude. The Philippine and Kiwi governments have collaborated to craft the Philippines Special Work Instructions to foster international relations.

These mandates that New Zealand can hire up to 100 Filipino nurses, up to farm managers, and 20 engineering professionals via a Philippine special work visa. The stay will depend on the duration stated in the job offer, but most Pinoys can work for up to 3 years. The special access for Pinoys allows them to study for up to 3 months within 12 months. A reputable New Zealand employment agency in the Philippines can assist with navigating these work visas and finding the right candidates for your business.


Skilled Worker Jobs in New Zealand

Skilled Worker Jobs in New Zealand

Migrants have the same minimum employment rights as all other employees under New Zealand law. Employers must adhere to employment laws and regulations when hiring staff, no matter where they are from. These include meeting minimum employment rights, such as:

  • • Providing a written employment agreement
  • • Paying at least minimum wage
  • • Giving minimum leave entitlements
  • • Providing a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace
  • • Employers must ensure that their employees can work for them legally in the country.


For a list of in-demand jobs in New Zealand, see our full list here: List of In-Demand Jobs in New Zealand: Top Industries for International Applicants


Any Filipino can apply as a skilled worker in NZ via multiple routes. Employers can get accreditation to use the Accredited Employer Work Visa to hire migrants on a visa for up to 3 years. Hiring overseas workers through this route means employers cannot find suitable New Zealander citizens or residents to fill positions.

The NZ government ceased issuing its Essential Skills visa program in July 2022. This visa previously allowed foreign employees to work in the country temporarily.

Hiring migrants is an excellent way for international employers to diversify their business and workplace culture. Overseas workers not only fill the labour market’s skill shortage but also bring new perspectives to business operations and help expand international knowledge and contacts. Employers should also support their migrant workers to settle and be able to start working smoothly.

Skilled Workers Demand in New Zealand Infographics


Top Recruitment Agency for New Zealand

To be considered a skilled worker in New Zealand, an individual must have specialist, technical, or management expertise and meet the pay rate threshold to perform professional work in the country. Filipinos, highly trainable people, mark the spot for skilled worker jobs in NZ.

It’s no secret that many Filipinos bravely take on the challenge of being far away from their families to earn more and provide better lives for their loved ones back home. This is where Staffhouse International Resources can help job seekers and employers. New Zealanders have a magnificent work ethic, and Staffhouse can help Filipinos land jobs in many sectors of the country.

Staffhouse brings over two decades of experience in recruiting Filipino talent and highlighting them to the global market. We have trusted overseas partners and accolades abroad to ensure that our ethical recruitment goals are implemented from the hiring process until the onboarding process. Our ethical standards are recognized by the International Labor Organization, International Organization for Migration, and Public Services International.

Looking for a recruitment agency for New Zealand? Let Staffhouse help you with your hiring or employment needs. Contact us to know more about how we operate. You can also email us at info@staffhouse.com or check our social media pages for the latest updates and job postings.