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November 30, 2023 Comments (0)

Upholding Ethical Recruitment Standards with PEACEME and CCRC

Ethical recruitment is realized by promoting respect for the rights of migrant workers, enhancing transparency and accountability in recruitment, and advancing the ‘Employer Pays’ Principle – because no worker should pay for a job.

Organizations like PEACEME continue to work hand in hand with other associations to uphold ethical standards to help recruitment agencies in the Philippines handle thoughtful selection and prompt placement that ensures a fair and efficient process for Filipinos seeking better opportunities abroad.


Business Meeting Overview

Last November, PEACEME and the Coordinating Council for Recruitment Companies (CCRC) held a 2-day business meeting to champion ethical recruitment and to engage with the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) in Manila, Philippines.

The two parties initially met at the Rockwell Club to prepare for the subsequent DMW meeting on Nov. 13. The following day, discussions continued at the Department of Migrant Workers Office, covering topics such as the jointly crafted Code of Conduct.

The associations highlighted areas for improvement in processes and regulations, specifically focusing on operationalizing the ‘Green Lane’ initiative for mega recruitment agencies. The initiative aims to expedite the deployment of workers for these agencies, making the process faster and more efficient – even as worker protection is not compromised.

PEACEME Chairman and Staffhouse International Resources Managing Director Marc Capistrano was present during the meetings and shared his enthusiasm for propelling safe and ethical hiring to protect Overseas Filipino Workers and help recruitment agencies in the Philippines employ ethically.

“We have been working with CCRC for more than a year now and are happy to share with DMW that we have jointly crafted and agreed on a Code of Conduct between our two associations – one that is guided by the ILO’s principles on Fair Recruitment – and one that is anchored on adherence to law, transparency, respect for worker’s rights, and mutual commitment and cooperation,” said Capistrano during the event.



PEACEME is an association dedicated to enhancing the overseas employment industry in collaboration with the Department of Migrant Workers.

PEACEME prioritizes ethical practices and professionalism among our members with a mission to be the industry’s leading and most trusted association, providing resources for the success of qualified Filipinos. It also aims to strengthen industry standards, ensuring fairness in the recruitment process.

PEACEME operates on an invitation-only basis, maintaining high standards of professionalism and ethics in the overseas employment industry. PEACEME’s exclusive membership program fosters a community of like-minded professionals committed to the welfare and safety of migrant workers. Accepted members enjoy access to learning events, capacity-enhancement activities, and networking opportunities, enabling them to stay informed and updated on industry developments and best practices.

Through various services for recruitment agencies, job seekers, and employers, PEACEME offers career counseling, overseas employment training, and enhanced orientation programs. Beyond connecting qualified Filipino workers with global employers, PEACEME aims to provide comprehensive support and resources, fostering networking opportunities for all stakeholders.

To learn more about PEACEME, visit https://www.peaceme.org/


Coordinating Council for Recruitment Companies (CCRC)

The Coordinating Council for Recruitment Companies (CCRC) liaises between recruiting companies and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. It aims to enhance the recruiting sector in Saudi Arabia and serves as an independent body that financially and administratively oversees authorized recruiting companies operating in the country.

CCRC membership is composed of the largest Mega Recruitment companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Visit https://ccrcforum.com/ to learn more about the CCRC.


The Code of Conduct and its Significance

 A group of men in business attire at a signing ceremony, with two seated men signing documents and four others standing behind them, observing

The Code of Conduct reflects the commitment of PEACEME and CCRC to elevate the ethical recruitment standards of their member companies. And while doing so, both organizations remain committed to continue to collaborate with DMW in enhancing the efficient deployment of Overseas Filipino Workers while prioritizing improved protection for migrant workers.

The recent business meeting between PEACEME and CCRC is an important step in supporting the DMW in ensuring that recruitment firms adhere to ethical hiring standards and safeguard the well-being and rights of OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers).

To learn more about the DMW, visit https://www.dmw.gov.ph/about-dmw


Staffhouse Commitment to Fair Employment

 A group of people posing for a photo in a room with a Philippine flag on the left, a blank projection screen in the center background, and a green flag on the right.

Ensuring ethical recruitment, fair employment, and the safe migration of overseas Filipino workers remains a top government priority. As a member of PEACEME, Staffhouse International Resources works with other DMW-licensed recruitment agencies to bolster the framework of ethical recruitment and migrants’ rights.

Staffhouse International Resources, a leading recruitment agency in the Philippines, is dedicated to support employers in hiring skilled Filipino professionals under an ethical standard. Recruiting migrant workers offers significant advantages for individuals and businesses. We recognize that, as recruiters, we have a moral and legal obligation to hire people based solely on their skills, qualifications, and personal merit.

We are a proud DMW-accredited agency. Since 1999, we have connected employers with quality talents and supported job seekers. We have deployed over 30,000 Filipinos across six continents in various fields.

Staffhouse prides itself on not collecting any fees from our applicants to help Filipinos not be held back by mounting fees to find a job abroad to earn money. Our top-notch recruitment services can help business owners fill in vacancies with skilled Filipino talent and help them manage overhead costs. Talk to our team to learn more about our recruitment services.


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