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January 10, 2023 Comments (0)

Employer’s Guide to Hiring Foreign Workers with an LMIA

Canada remains to be an ideal country for immigrant workers. The government has maintained a compelling reputation for its openness to foreign workers to supplement its aging population and address labour demands.

Canada’s diverse and stable economy has increased the number of immigrants who call it home. However, before moving officially to Canada for work, some processes and requirements need to be completed for foreign workers—one of which is the LMIA. Read this blog to learn more about Employer’s Guide to Hiring Foreign Workers with an LMIA.


What is LMIA in Canada?

A Labour Market Impact Assessment, or LMIA, is a document that an employer in Canada may need to obtain before hiring a foreign worker. It was previously known as Labour Market Opinion. Employers who could not find any Canadians available for the position they offer must apply for an LMIA.

An employer hiring a foreign worker will need to submit an LMIA application, which will either have a positive or negative result. A positive LMIA means there is a need for foreign workers to fill the LMIA-approved jobs.

There are three types of LMIA:

  • • Regular LMIA – this type of LMIA is used to support an application for a work permit under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. When the employer obtains a regular LMIA, the foreign employee can apply for a work permit.
  • • LMIA for Express Entry – an LMIA used to support an application for permanent residence in Canada via the country’s Express Entry program. Foreign workers with employers of this LMIA will be awarded 600 comprehensive ranking system points on Express Entry—satisfying the requirement to receive an invitation to apply for a Canadian permanent residence.
  • • Dual LMIA – an LMIA used to support both a work permit application and an Express Entry application. Foreign workers whose employers are dual LMIA holders will also be awarded 600 CRS points through the Express Entry program.

How to get LMIA in Canada?

LMIA in Canada

The employer must secure an LMIA before the foreign worker applies for a work permit. The LMIA can be obtained from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). The application process and processing times for each LMIA depend on the type of program the employer is hiring through. Canadian employers who plan to complete an LMIA and employ foreign workers must be willing to pay a CAD 1,000 processing fee (might change depending on ESDC).

Before being allowed to offer LMIA-approved jobs to foreign workers, there are also guidelines for employers. ESDC may refuse to process an employer’s LMIA application if the employer has had an application revoked in the past two years for having provided false, misleading, or inaccurate information.

ESDC inspects LMIA-approved employers randomly every year. You can check ineligible employers for an LMIA here. Employer requirements for an LMIA include the following:

  • Employers must advertise the position for at least four weeks and potentially interview candidates who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Employers must disclose a numerical breakdown of the number of Canadian applicants for the role, the number of offers of employment made, and the number of unqualified applicants.
  • Employers must also disclose why they could not hire a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the role/s.
  • Employers applying for an LMIA to support the permanent residence of foreign workers must be in the business for at least one year before application.
  • Eligible employers should have a legitimate business, provide goods or services to the public, be able to pay a salary to a foreign worker, and have not laid-off employees over the 12 months preceding the LMIA application.

It’s important to note that the LMIA application process varies per Canadian province. Quebec, for example, has some distinct methods and policies for its labour market impact assessment. Want to know more about LMIA in Canada? Check out the Canadian government’s FAQ page for foreign workers.


Factors to Consider in Hiring Foreign Workers

There are advantages and disadvantages to hiring foreign workers, regardless of the job. Many Filipinos choose to work and migrate to Canada because of its vast and diverse opportunities. There are OFWs and Filipino communities in Canadian regions, thanks to the country’s positive stance on hiring immigrant workers.

Many employers in Canada and other parts of the world prefer to hire Filipinos because of their resilience, resourcefulness, and the lack of language barrier in English. The Philippines and Canada have continued to be in partnership to support the deployment of Filipino workers in various Canadian provinces to meet labour demands. Read more about why hiring Filipino talent could be the recipe for success for your business here: Advantages of Hiring a Filipino Talent.


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