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May 20, 2024 Comments (0)

Global Reach, Local Success: Evaluating International Recruitment Strategies

New Zealand companies are increasingly looking beyond their borders to find quality hires. In 2023, the city of Wellington launched a campaign to recruit Americans, with the allure of achieving life-work balance. Just last January, eight companies also volunteered to hire overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who were displaced over the holiday season. 

International recruitment offers a wealth of possibilities, from filling critical skill gaps to fostering a diverse and dynamic work environment. But with a world of options at your fingertips, it’s crucial to choose the right international recruitment strategies. Otherwise, your efforts may be in vain. 

This blog will guide you through evaluating international recruitment approaches to ensure they translate into local success for your business. 


The Landscape of International Recruitment in New Zealand

Many companies in New Zealand rely on international recruitment for a few key reasons:

• Skills shortages

New Zealand employers face specific skills shortages, and hiring talent from overseas helps address these gaps effectively. International recruitment also creates a knowledge-based economy driven by innovation. 

Diversity and innovation

Hiring international talent injects a diversity of skills and backgrounds into the local market, fostering new ideas and opportunities. Employers recognise that a blend of domestic and international talent boosts workplace culture and ensures competitiveness in the global marketplace.  

• Profit and growth

Hiring from overseas directly impacts organisations’ ability to hit profit and growth targets. Many hiring managers acknowledge that recruiting international talent plays a significant role in achieving organisational success and expansion.


Industries in New Zealand That Benefit from International Recruitment

The following industries are poised for immense growth thanks to international recruitment: 

• Healthcare
• Education

For more specific industries and roles, check New Zealand’s Green List. 


Key Components of International Recruitment Strategies

A man with gray hair shaking hands with a woman in a business meeting, indicating successful recruitment.

To build an effective recruitment process, it should include the following elements: 

1. Global talent sourcing 

Finding the right talent isn’t limited to your backyard anymore. International recruitment involves using various methods and channels to source skilled professionals from across the globe.

Online job boards catering to international audiences, professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, and industry-specific recruitment agencies are just a few ways to expand your reach. The advantage? A diverse talent pool brimming with unique skills and experiences, fostering innovation and a competitive edge. 

2. Compliance with immigration laws 

Like many countries, New Zealand has specific immigration policies for foreign workers. As an employer seeking effective and cost-effective hiring strategies to recruit foreign workers, understanding these policies is crucial. 

Your recruitment strategy should consider visa options, work permit requirements, and sponsorship programs that the New Zealand government offers. You should also work with immigration specialists to ensure compliance and avoid processing delays. 

3. Cultural integration 

Successfully integrating international hires into your company culture is key to maximising their potential and ensuring a smooth transition. However, it’s not always easy. Cultural differences in communication styles, work ethic, and workplace etiquette can make it difficult for immigrants to adapt to their new workplaces. 

To solve this problem, consider implementing cultural sensitivity training and mentorship. Encourage language learning and foster a welcoming and inclusive environment. By providing the support systems, you can help your international team members thrive.


Metrics to Assess the Effectiveness of International Recruitment

So, you’ve implemented an international recruitment strategy, but how do you know it’s working? Here are key metrics to assess its effectiveness and ensure you’re meeting your recruitment goals. 

1. Retention rates 

High retention rates for international hires show a successful integration process and a strong employer value proposition.

Track how long international employees stay with your company compared to domestic hires. This way, you can identify areas where you might need to improve onboarding, cultural support, or career development opportunities.

Alternatively, you can take the quantitative route and use this formula to calculate the retention rate in your company:

Retention Rate = (Number of employees at the end of a certain period / number of employees at the start of the period) x 100 

2. Performance metrics 

Evaluate the contributions of your internationally recruited employees. Are they meeting or exceeding expectations? Are they meeting their individual and team goals? Are their soft skills as strong as their hard skills?

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) are relevant to their roles. This way, you can check the value they bring to your organization and the success of your recruitment efforts. 

3. ROI analysis 

International recruitment isn’t without costs. Conduct a return on investment (ROI) analysis to assess the financial benefits. Factor in recruitment costs, visa fees, and relocation expenses against the value your international hires bring, such as increased productivity or access to new markets.

More specifically, you can calculate the following sub-metrics:

• First-year attrition rate
• Offer acceptance rate
Time to hire
Cost per hire

4. Employee Satisfaction

There’s more to onboarding foreign workers; you need to see if they’re satisfied with their jobs and adapting well with their co-workers. One way you can gain their feedback is through surveys. You can ask them about challenges at work and areas for improvement in your recruitment and support systems.  

You can set monthly or quarterly one-on-one sessions with your international staff to connect with them more closely and speak to them in a more casual way.

Happy and well-supported employees are more likely to stay engaged and contribute their best work. 


Work with a Reliable Headhunter for New Zealand Companies

International recruitment offers a powerful tool for expanding your workforce and gaining a competitive edge through diverse perspectives. By following the outlined strategies, like analyzing retention rates and prioritizing employee satisfaction, you can seamlessly integrate skilled immigrant workers into your team.  

Staffhouse International Resources excels in international recruitment, with a track record of successful placements and partnerships with clients in New Zealand, Austria, and Canada. With us, you can have a straightforward and compliant international hiring process and thrive in the global market. Explore our current job opportunities to see how we can help you connect with exceptional candidates and build a diverse, talented workforce tailored to your business needs. 

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