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January 19, 2023 Comments (0)

Staffing Solutions for Australia: What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Agency

Staffing is an essential aspect of any organization. An efficient staffing plan helps in the development of any business, as well as in its productivity. Proper staffing also helps reduce operating costs through lower turnover and transition costs.

International staffing is vital for businesses seeking to expand into new markets or those looking to diversify their staffing pool. In Australia, for example, the recruitment industry’s market size by revenue stood at AUD 15.4 billion in 2021.

For those who are looking for staffing solutions for Australia, going through a trusted hiring agency is a great way to be placed into a field and a job that will best utilize your talent and skills.


Staffing Solutions Services in a Nutshell

Simply put, staffing solutions refer to multiple ways organizations can fill their staffing needs, whether on a temporary, permanent, or contract basis. Staffing helps businesses recruit the most appropriate human resources for different organizational roles. It entails recruitment, training, and development to improve the business’s productivity.

Many international staffing agencies are available, but not everyone offers the complete package. Staffing does not end with finding people for the job—it goes through staffing management, which consists of sourcing candidates, on boarding new hires, deployment process up to the retention of workers.


Pros and Cons of Hiring a Staffing Agency

A staffing agency serves as a middleman between employers and workers. They play a critical role in every organization, especially if an employer hires people from outside the place of business. In Australia, recruitment agencies are prevalent. Outsourcing talent search tasks to recruitment firms has been integral to the country’s business culture.

Here are some advantages and downsides of tapping staffing agencies for your business:

Pro: Faster hiring

Using a workforce agency for your hiring needs, especially for organizations hiring foreign workers in bulk, can speed up the process. Recruitment firms have a more comprehensive network of connections and a vast talent pool in their database, which they can leverage to find the right people for your business needs.

Con: Higher cost

Since you are outsourcing work, it’s normal for businesses to shell out money. The cost varies depending on the salary and type of recruitment strategy required. Some hiring agencies charge a percentage of an annual wage, particularly for permanent roles and senior or management roles.

Pro: Streamlined candidates

Since recruitment firms already have a structured process for sorting candidates, they can easily place what applicants could be a fit for your business. Some candidates are hard to find, but since they have their network, they could leverage those connections to reach out to people who are off-the-radar but could be suitable hires for your firm.

Con: Cultural fit

Not all recruitment agencies can promote your brand during their recruitment process. Remember, you entrust a third party to dole out second-hand information to people who could be part of your firm. To counter this, the employer needs to be more involved in this part of the recruitment process to ensure that the best people get hired for the role.

Pro: Industry and market knowledge

Specialist recruiters are a gem for any organization. The best recruiters can give the hiring team insight into what is happening in the industry. Tapping a recruitment agency gives you access to recruiters that focus on recruiting in a specific industry

Con: Lack of communication

Since recruitment firms cater to various clients, they sometimes cut the process of getting back to employees who don’t make the cut, which could potentially leave a wrong impression on the employer.

Fortunately, Staffhouse International Resources has the capability and proven record of accomplishment of servicing the workforce requirements for a broad spectrum of industries. Our streamlined recruitment process allows us to filter the best pool of applicants and guide them every step of the way. We have continued to work with the largest and most reputable companies globally.


Tips for Choosing the Ideal Staffing Agency

Choosing the Ideal Staffing Agency

  • • Reputation matters

Top employers work with recruitment firms that specialize in their field or industry. Suppose you are looking to hire foreign workers. In that case, it will work well to your advantage if you partner with a local staffing agency for smoother hiring, interview, deployment, and assessment processes. Australian work culture may be known as laid back, but they value reputation a lot.

  • • So does the record of accomplishment

Successful placements speak volumes of how reputable a staffing agency is. Track records are advantageous for employers seeking to hire foreign workers in bulk or those seeking to find temporary workers for a specific period.

  • • Quality hires

Australians value their work, and Australian organizations strive to make workplaces easy-going and diverse despite being governed by policies and procedures. Good recruiters provide their clients with highly qualified and suitable candidates only. They will work through applications thoroughly and select people who best meet the job requirements.


Recognized Staffing Solutions for Australia

Staffing agencies like Staffhouse have an excellent record of accomplishment among international employers in Australia and across the globe. We proudly send over 30,000 Filipino workers across 6 out of 7 continents worldwide.

Staffhouse not only provides staffing solutions in Australia, but we also offer recruitment services catering to many fields in the country, such as healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, retail, IT & BPO, and many more.

Just like any recruitment firm, Staffhouse aims to help an employer find and hire top Filipino talent for their company across the globe. Staffhouse continues to be a game changer in the international recruitment industry as it strives to pave the way for Filipinos worldwide to meet better employment opportunities abroad and help them build better lives for their families back home.

Contact us to learn how we can help you with staffing or recruitment solutions. You can also email us at info@staffhouse.com or visit our Facebook page. Watch our Staffhouse at 20 video to learn more about how we have been championing Filipino talent worldwide for over two decades.