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March 1, 2023 Comments (0)

Client Spotlight: Adecco New Zealand and Staffhouse Recruitment Agency Partnership

Staffhouse International Resources is committed to bringing passionate and hardworking employees from the Philippines to other countries and help them secure legal and fulfilling jobs. Since recruitment often has tall orders, we establish connections with other recruitment & staffing agencies abroad to assist more Filipino workers in achieving job security and assist employers with staffing needs.

One of our strong partners is Adecco New Zealand. Read on to learn about our partnership with one of the top recruitment & staffing agencies in New Zealand.

Who is Adecco New Zealand?

Adecco New Zealand is a recruitment & placement agency for New Zealand that matches thousands of employers in the country with skilled and hardworking workers locally & from around the world. It’s part of the Adecco Global Network, the world’s second-largest human resources provider and temporary staffing firm. It has 5,200 branches and more than 32,000 full-time employees worldwide, all working passionately to connect employers and employees and address their employment needs.

In New Zealand alone, Adecco helps more than 300 workers find meaningful and stable jobs and careers every year. We specialize in the following industries:

● Accounting and finance
● Call center and customer service
● Healthcare and medical
● Industrial
● Manufacturing and operations
● Office
● Transportation and logistics
● Civil and construction
● Engineering and technical
● Executive
● Sales and marketing

Partnership with Staffhouse International Resources

Staffhouse is one of the top recruitment agencies in the Philippines for New Zealand. Together with Adecco New Zealand, the two agencies are committed to bringing skilled Filipino workers to New Zealand and helping employers in the country find culture-fit employees.

In February, Staffhouse and Adecco New Zealand helped a group of Filipinos secure jobs in Christchurch, Nelson, and Wellington. Beyond the recruitment process, the two recruitment agencies also supported the workers with their immigration to New Zealand.

Adecco New Zealand’s pastoral team welcomed their “international associates”—their term for their recruited workers—with an induction period in their headquarters involving classroom learning and practical tool demonstrations. The agency also gave the recruits personal protective equipment (PPE) and the tools essential to their respective jobs.

Aside from the business aspect, Adecco New Zealand offered local and Filipino cuisines to the international associates.

Addressing the Labor Shortage in New Zealand

In today’s economy, recruitment agencies in New Zealand for Filipinos, like Adecco New Zealand and Staffhouse, are more important than ever. The country is currently experiencing a labor shortage partly due to extremely low unemployment of just 3.3% or 97,000 people.

In particular, the tourism and hospitality industries have been more hard hit than other. They also need manpower as pandemic restrictions continue to ease and international tourists visit New Zealand over the summer. It has even reached a point where 315,000 working-age teenagers and high school leavers are urged to work in hospitality to help struggling businesses.

To address the country’s labor shortage, Immigration New Zealand is actively promoting its Green List and Sector Agreement, which aims to help employers to recruit overseas workers to fill skills gaps. It’s also expanding its Green List settings to include more professions in healthcare, education, and construction as a way of giving New Zealand a competitive edge in a highly competitive global environment.

Other sectors that the government is expanding its Green List to include the following:

● Seafood
● Aged care
● Meat processing
● Seasonal snow
● Adventure tourism
● Public transportation (bus and truck drivers)

In December 2022, the agency approved over 94,000 job positions for international recruitment, granted over 40,000 working holiday visas, and reopened the Pacific Access Category and Samoa Quota, among other things, to strengthen the country’s international offering.

In-demand Jobs in New Zealand in 2023

Based on current trends in New Zealand, below are five job roles expected to be in demand in 2023.


The demand for healthcare professionals is expected to remain high due to New Zealand’s aging population and increasing healthcare needs. Roles such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and healthcare managers are likely in demand.

Information technology

The tech industry is rapidly growing in New Zealand, with many international companies setting up offices there. As a result, there is a high demand for software developers, particularly those with skills in artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and cloud computing.


New Zealand is experiencing a residential housing shortage, and the government has announced plans to build thousands of new homes to address the issue. As a result, skilled tradespeople such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and builders are likely to be in demand.

Digital marketing

With the shift towards online and e-commerce, there is a high demand for digital marketing specialists who can help businesses increase their online presence, manage social media accounts, run advertising campaigns, and analyze data.


There is an increasing demand for teachers across all levels of education, including early childhood, primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Additionally, there is a need for specialist teachers in areas such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Te Reo Maori (the Maori language).

For more jobs, read List of In-Demand Jobs in New Zealand: Top Industries for International Applicants (2023)

Staffhouse as the Top Recruitment Agency in the Philippines for New Zealand

Since 1999, Staffhouse has been supporting employees in the Philippines to secure jobs abroad and helping employers worldwide expand their workforce. We have placed more than 30,000 skilled and industrious Filipinos in jobs across different industries such as the following:

● Agriculture & FMCG
● Automotive
● Admin & Finance
● Engineering & Construction
● Healthcare
● Hospitality
● IT & BPO
● Logistics & Distribution
● Manufacturing & Heavy Industries
● Oil & Gas and Petrochemical
● Retail & Other Services

We have also gained the trust of some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Pepsi Cola International, McDonald’s Canada, Maple Leaf Foods, Almarai Company, Porsche Middle East, BMW/Jaguar/Land Rover/Rolls Royce Saudi Arabia, Petromin, Transfield Services, Doha Petroleum Construction Company, Flint Energy, and more.

One of the things that Staffhouse is truly committed to is ethical recruitment. We are a 100% non-fee charging company, meaning we don’t charge our clients and recruits placement and processing fees. We also live by the only highest ethical recruitment standards, which the International Labour Organization (ILO), International Organization for Migration (IOM), and Public Services International recognize.

Contact us via our website or Facebook and LinkedIn pages to learn how we can accommodate your employment or workforce needs.