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June 8, 2024 Comments (0)

The Essential Role of Filipino Migrants in Supporting Canada’s Aging Population

Canada’s aging population is affecting its economy. As the baby boomer generation retires, the workforce is shrinking, leaving a gap in essential jobs. To keep the economy humming, Canada needs a steady stream of skilled and dedicated newcomers. 

This is where Filipino migrant workers can play a vital role. Renowned for their strong work ethic and cultural emphasis on caregiving, Filipinos are an asset to various sectors. Hiring them means filling your workforce with competent workers and contributing to Canada’s overall economy.  

In this blog, we’ll explore the many ways Filipino migrants can strengthen your workforce. We’ll also offer some tips on how a Canada employment agency can help you connect with this talented pool of potential employees. 


The Aging Population Crisis in Canada

Canada is facing a significant demographic shift. Let’s delve into the numbers:

In 2022, Canada’s economy faced rising inflation and grappled with filling almost one million job openings, while also experiencing a record number of retirements among workers aged 55-64.

As of 2023, seniors comprise19.3% of the country’s overall population.

Since 1980, Canada’s fertility rate has held steady at 1.6 births per woman.

The proportion of seniors in Canada is expected to reach approximately 25% of the population by 2043.

The decreasing number of working-age adults compared to the increasing senior population is resulting in:

Healthcare system strain – As seniors require more medical care, the local healthcare system will face increased pressure. Supplying enough doctors, nurses, and home care providers will be crucial.

Economic impact – Fewer young workers entering the workforce can lead to slower economic growth. Businesses may struggle to find qualified employees, potentially hindering innovation, and productivity.

•  Labor market shift  – With fewer young people, the demand for specific jobs is likely to shift. There will be a greater demand for workers in healthcare, social services, and skilled trades.

To keep the economy strong and the social safety net secure, the country must adapt. Fortunately, Filipinos can step up to the plate.


Filipino Migrants: A Vital Solution

A group of Filipino professionals smiling and standing together in an office setting

The Philippines represents the third largest source country for Canadian immigration, with Filipinos bringing a unique blend of skills and cultural values. Here is some information from Statistics Canada: 

In 2022, around 78% of Filipino Canadians aged 15 and older were working or actively seeking employment. This rate was the highest among all Canadians and significantly exceeded the national average of 65.4%.

The unemployment rate for Filipino Canadians was 4.3%, lower than the national average of 5.3%.

Despite being relatively new to Canada, 92% of Filipino Canadians felt a keen sense of belonging to the country in spring 2022. This was higher than the 84.2% reported by Canadians overall.

Filipino Canadians primarily settle in Ontario (355,680 people), Alberta (203,960), and British Columbia (172,915).

These facts alone show that there’s no shortage of workers if you look in the Filipino community. They’re known for their exceptional work ethic, but their value extends far beyond dedication. They offer the following benefits:

Skilled and adaptable – Many Filipinos arrive with experience in healthcare, social services, and skilled trades, readily contributing to various sectors. Their eagerness to learn allows them to adapt and thrive in new environments.

Strong English language skills - The Philippines’ robust English language education system ensures clear communication with colleagues and clients.

Culturally aligned – Filipino culture emphasizes respect for elders and a strong sense of “caregiving.” These traits translate beautifully into senior care professions, where empathy and dedication are paramount.

High retention rates and loyalty – Filipinos often view their jobs as a path to a better life for themselves and their families, leading to a higher likelihood of staying with a company long-term. This translates to lower recruitment and training costs for businesses.

Positive impact on workplace diversity - Because of their diverse backgrounds and experiences, Filipino workers can foster creativity, innovation, and a more inclusive work environment.

• Contributions to local communities – Filipino migrants actively engage in their communities, often volunteering and supporting local businesses. They put their heart in the culture of their new home, so they can entrust them to create a positive image for your company.


Key Sectors Benefiting from Filipino Migrants

Filipinos bring talent and dedication to various industries, helping Canada address critical labor shortages. Below are some key sectors where Filipinos are making an impact.

1. Healthcare

The Philippines is the best producer of healthcare workers. Filipino migrants can address the shortage of nurses and caregivers in Canada with their extensive training, experience, and compassionate care. They also bring a wealth of expertise and cultural sensitivity, ensuring quality care for patients across the country.

2. Information technology

The demand for tech talent continues to surge in Canada’s IT sector, and Filipino migrants are stepping up to fill this gap. 
With their proficiency in various IT disciplines—including software development, programming, and IT support—Filipinos contribute to innovation and drive digital transformation in businesses across Canada. 

3. Hospitality and service industry

Filipino migrants excel in enhancing customer service and operational efficiency. Their warm hospitality, attention to detail, and strong work ethic elevate the guest experience in hotels, restaurants, and tourism establishments.

4. Construction

Canada’s construction industry is experiencing a skilled labor shortage. Fortunately, the government recently adjusted measures that can help provide jobs in Canada for immigrants. Filipinos with experience in carpentry, welding, and other skilled trades can keep construction projects on track. 


The Role of Staffhouse International Resources

Finding the right talent is often challenging, especially in a competitive job market. This is where Staffhouse International Resources steps in. 

We’re a leading recruitment agency with 25 years of experience connecting highly skilled Filipino workers with great work opportunities in Canada. We leverage our vast network and expertise to streamline the hiring process for employees. We also help job seekers adapt to Canadian culture, from finding the right employers to assisting them with visa requirements. 

With Staffhouse, filling job vacancies and finding work have never been easier. 


Challenges of Hiring Filipino Workers

Realistically speaking, hiring Filipino workers isn’t all that easy. You may experience the following challenges:

Cultural adjustment - Adapting to a new work environment and culture can be difficult. Language barriers, unfamiliar workplace practices, and social integration can hinder Filipino workers from acclimating well in Canada.

Recognition of qualifications - Filipino professionals may need to get their foreign credentials recognized to work in their field. So, it may be difficult to hire them immediately.

Settlement challenges - Finding housing, navigating healthcare systems, and establishing new social networks can be stressful for Filipinos, especially if they’re working abroad for the first time.

Staffhouse recognizes the importance of providing comprehensive support to Filipino migrants to ease their transition and ensure their well-being abroad. We offer help with job placement, visa processing, and settlement services, guiding migrants every step of the way. 

Canada also offers a variety of programs and policies to support Filipino migrants: 

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) - This program allows provinces and territories to nominate skilled immigrants aligned with their specific labor market needs. 

Foreign credential recognition - Canadian authorities can assess and evaluate the academic and professional credentials of international students and professionals to allow them to work in Canada. 

 Language training programs - Government-funded language training programs help newcomers improve their English or French language skills. 


Harness Filipino Talent for Canada’s Future

Canada’s aging population presents a challenge, but Filipino migrants are a vital part of the solution. Their skills, work ethic, and cultural values make them invaluable assets across various sectors. 

Fortunately, recruitment agencies like Staffhouse are dedicated to bridging the gap between Filipino talent and Canadian employers, resolving aging population in Canada problems. 


Connect with Top Filipino Talent Today!

Staffhouse understands the urgency of filling critical workforce gaps with skilled and dedicated professionals. Here’s how we can assist you in reaching your hiring objectives:

Targeted recruitment – Leverage our extensive network of Filipino talent to identify candidates who perfectly match your specific requirements. We focus on qualifications, experience, and cultural fit for a successful integration into your team.

Streamlined process – We handle the entire recruitment process, from initial candidate screening to interview coordination and reference checks. This way, you can save valuable time and resources and focus on core business activities.

Timely and efficient hiring – Our team’s expertise ensures a smooth and efficient process, minimizing delays and getting you the right talent quickly.

But our commitment goes beyond just filling positions. We provide ongoing guidance and resources to help companies integrate new Filipino hires seamlessly into their workplace culture. We also offer pre-arrival training and settlement help programs for Filipino employees to empower them for success in Canada.

Contact us today! Together, let’s create a stronger and more diverse workforce.

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