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June 23, 2024 Comments (0)

Cultural Values of Filipino Nurses and Their Positive Influence on Austrian Patients

Austria’s healthcare system relies heavily on the skills and passion of Filipino nurses. There are currently 5,824 overseas Filipino workers in the country, 749 of whom work specifically in healthcare and social services. 

As Austria seeks to expand its nursing workforce, it’s crucial to look beyond just the job opportunities. It’s equally important to understand the positive values that Filipino nurses bring to healthcare and how to foster a compassionate work environment. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the cultural values that Filipino nurses possess and how they contribute to a positive and enriching experience for patients and staff in Austrian healthcare. 


Key Cultural Values of Filipino Nurses

The Philippines’ culture and traditions are felt worldwide because of how Filipinos nurture them. Here are some values that they bring to healthcare.

1. Compassion and care

Filipino nurses deeply believe in holistic care. They don’t just see patients as medical cases, but as individuals with emotional, spiritual, and social needs. They look beyond the illness, empathize, and understand the procedures or treatments.

2. Strong family orientation

Family is paramount in Filipino culture. This translates beautifully into patient care, as Filipino nurses often extend a sense of family to their patients. They prioritize building trusting relationships, offering emotional support, and ensuring the patient feels cared for and understood.

3. Hard work and dedication

A strong work ethic is deeply ingrained among Filipinos. They’re dedicated to providing exceptional care and are known for their diligence and perseverance. They’re also committed to upholding high standards of care and consistently going the extra mile for their patients.

4. Respect for authority and elders

Filipino culture emphasizes respect for authority figures and elders, which translates into respectful communication with colleagues and patients alike. That’s why Filipino nurses are skilled at creating a collaborative environment where everyone feels valued and heard.


 Impact on Patient Care in Austria

A Filipino nurse attending to an elderly patient in a hospital bed.

The Filipino values above lead to the following benefits:

• Enhanced patient satisfaction

Filipino nurses’ emphasis on compassion, care, and strong family orientation directly enhances patient satisfaction. Patients often provide glowing testimonials and positive feedback about the care they receive from Filipino nurses, citing the warmth, empathy, and personalized attention they experience.

This leads to higher levels of patient trust and comfort, as patients feel valued and supported during their treatment and recovery.

• Contribution to a positive work environment

The cultural values of Filipino nurses also create a positive work environment within healthcare facilities in Austria. Their strong sense of collaboration, respect for authority and elders, and dedication to their work create a harmonious atmosphere among healthcare staff.

This is clear in the seamless teamwork, effective communication, and mutual support showed by Filipino nurses and their colleagues. Positive workplace dynamics improve staff morale and enhance the overall quality of patient care by ensuring a cohesive and supportive healthcare team.


What Austrian Healthcare Institutions Can Support Filipino Nurses

To maximize the impact of Filipino nurses, here are some ways you can support their professional and even personal growth.

• Offer cultural sensitivity training for staff

Your Austrian staff may harbor personal prejudices that make them less open to a mixed workforce. To prevent issues down the line, provide cultural sensitivity training for all staff members. This training can bridge cultural gaps, promote understanding of Filipino values in healthcare, and encourage effective communication across cultures.

Similarly, providing Filipino nurses with training about Austrian culture will help them better acclimate to the country and improve their interactions with patients. This dual approach ensures a more harmonious and efficient healthcare environment.

• Providing mentorship and support systems

Mentorship programs can be a valuable resource for Filipino nurses new to Austria’s healthcare system. Pairing them with experienced colleagues can provide guidance, answer questions, and ease the process of integration. This support system can make Filipino nurses feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help when crucial.

• Encouraging open communication

Open communication is key to a successful working relationship. To encourage open communication, create a safe space for Filipino nurses to express their concerns, ideas, and feedback. This fosters a sense of inclusion and allows Filipino nurses to contribute their unique perspectives to improve patient care.


How an Overseas Employment Agency in the Philippines​ can Support You

Finding qualified and culturally adept Filipino nurses can be a smooth process when you partner with a reputable overseas employment agency in the Philippines, like Staffhouse International Resources. We specialize in connecting Filipino nurses with work opportunities in Austria’s healthcare sector. Here’s how we can support you: 

• Connecting Filipino nurses with Austrian healthcare institutions

We match Filipino nurses with Austrian healthcare institutions and vice versa to create a win-win situation. Filipino nurses can find fulfilling careers abroad, and you can gain access to a pool of highly skilled and dedicated nurses.

• Training and development programs

We understand the importance of ongoing professional development. We offer various educational programs to help Filipino nurses adapt their skills and knowledge to the Austrian healthcare system. This may include training on specific procedures and protocols used in Austria.

• Help with integration and adaptation

Staffhouse goes beyond just job placement. We offer comprehensive support services to help Filipino nurses integrate smoothly into Austrian life. We can assist with visa processing, medical examinations, and ticket requests and deployment to get their foot into Austria.


The Filipino Advantage in Austrian Healthcare

Filipino nurses offer more than just medical expertise. Their cultural values of compassion, respect, and dedication create a warm and accommodating environment for patients in Austrian healthcare settings. By understanding and fostering these values, you can empower Filipino nurses to contribute their unique skill sets and revolutionize patient care. Imagine a healthcare system where patients feel treated and cared for—that’s the power of Filipino values in action.


Enhance Your Healthcare Team with Staffhouse International Resources

With Staffhouse, you gain access to a pool of highly qualified Filipino nurses eager to contribute their expertise and compassionate care to your patients. We take the guesswork out of recruitment, matching your specific needs with the perfect candidate. 

But our commitment goes beyond placement. We understand the importance of supporting both the institution and the nurses. We offer comprehensive training and development programs to ensure a smooth transition for Filipino nurses into the Austrian healthcare system. 

Are you ready to transform the patient care experience? Contact us today to discuss your staffing needs. 

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