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June 19, 2024 Comments (0)

Why Permanent Roles are a Strategic Investment for New Zealand Businesses

Every New Zealand business owner understands the pressure to balance short-term needs with long-term ambitions. In staffing, seasonal employment might seem like a quick fix. But what if there was a way to achieve consistent growth and stability? 

Permanent jobs can become the foundation for your company’s future success. With competent employees, you can position yourself as an industry leader and even strengthen your employer branding. 

This blog explores the advantages of permanent staffing. We’ll explore how permanent roles cultivate a highly skilled, invested team that unlocks your company’s full potential. We’ll also discuss how partnering with a New Zealand employment agency can streamline finding the perfect permanent talent for your needs. 


Why New Zealand Employers Should Prioritise Permanent Staffing

Permanent employment refers to positions where employees work for an indefinite period under a formal contract. These roles offer long-term job security and comprehensive benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and career advancement opportunities.

Several key industries in New Zealand predominantly offer permanent roles because of the specialised skills and consistent demand required:

• Healthcare – Hospitals, clinics, and aged care facilities need permanent staff to ensure continuous and reliable patient care.

• Education - Schools, universities, and training institutions rely on permanent teachers and administrative staff to maintain educational standards and continuity.

• Information Technology (IT) - As technologies evolve, IT firms and departments benefit from long-term employees who can contribute their learnings and new skills.

• Construction - The construction industry benefits from permanent staff to manage long-term projects, ensure safety compliance, and maintain quality standards.


The Limitations of Seasonal Employment

Seasonal employment refers to temporary jobs that are available during specific times of the year, typically lasting for a few weeks to several months. Some companies create these roles to meet increased demand during peak seasons or to handle special projects. Once the busy period ends, you can end these positions. 

Industries that typically offer seasonal jobs include: 

• Agriculture - Seasonal workers are essential during planting and harvest periods to manage the increased workload.

• Retail – Retailers often hire extra staff during holiday seasons to handle the surge in shoppers and sales.

• Tourism - New Zealand’s tourism industry employs seasonal workers to cater to the influx of tourists during peak travel seasons, specifically from December to February.

While seasonal workers offer a quick solution to staffing gaps, they come with drawbacks that can hinder your business: 

• High turnover
Seasonal positions often experience high turnover rates as a staff move on after the busy period. This causes constant recruitment and training, leading to significant costs and wasted resources.

• Limited engagement and loyalty
The nature of seasonal work can lead to lower employee engagement and loyalty. Temporary staff may be less invested in the company’s goals and success.

• Disrupted workflow
Frequent onboarding and training of seasonal workers can disrupt your workflow and impact overall productivity. It takes time for new staff to learn the ropes and become fully integrated into the team.

The Advantages of Permanent Employment for New Zealand Employers

A person smiling and shaking hands during an interview.

Permanent hiring doesn’t just simply fill positions. It offers the following benefits:

• Job security and long-term stability for employees

Permanent employees feel secure and invested in your company’s long-term goals. This stability fosters a sense of ownership and a commitment to excellence, leading to a more successful and sustainable business.

• Greater investment in training and professional development

Studies show that 68% of workers would stay with their employer that offers upskilling opportunities, while 65% said the same for reskilling options.

Permanent staff who seek training and development opportunities help create a highly skilled and adaptable workforce, capable of keeping pace with industry changes and driving long-term innovation. 

• Higher employee engagement, loyalty, and retention rates

When employees feel valued and have a clear path to career advancement, they’re more likely to stay with your company. This loyalty reduces the cost and disruption associated with high turnover, allowing you to keep your top talent.

• Consistent and reliable workforce contributing to sustained productivity and growth

A permanent workforce ensures a consistent level of expertise and quality. Experienced staff can handle daily tasks efficiently, minimise errors, and contribute to sustained productivity.


Key Differences Between Seasonal and Permanent Employment

Do you need permanent employees or seasonal workers? Consider the factors below to inform your decision. 

  Permanent employees  Seasonal employees 
Duration and stability of employment  Offers long-term stability with no fixed end date  Ties roles to specific periods, typically lasting weeks to months 
Compensation and benefits packages  Includes competitive salary, health insurance, retirement plans, paid leaves, and other perks  Typically none 
Impact on personal and family life  Creates a positive impact with steady income and benefits, allowing for long-term planning and well-being  Can create financial instability and stress because of a lack of benefits and job security, affecting personal and family life 
Opportunities for career growth and progression  Offers pathways for career advancement and promotions within your company  Limited opportunities for career advancement, as roles are temporary and focused on short-term needs 


How Staffhouse Can Assist with Permanent Staff Sourcing

Finding the right permanent talent can be a challenge, but Staffhouse International Resources is here to bridge the gap. We specialise in connecting New Zealand businesses like yours with skilled and motivated Filipino workers seeking permanent positions. 

Here’s how we can simplify your recruitment process: 

• Filipino talent pool - We leverage our extensive network and expertise to identify highly qualified Filipino workers who are eager to build successful careers in New Zealand.

• Quality first – Our comprehensive recruitment process includes thorough interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks to ensure a perfect fit for your company’s culture and needs.

• Beyond placement – We assist with pre-departure arrangements, immigration processes, and cultural integration. We also offer continued support for employers and employees throughout their employment journey.

• Customized Solutions – Every business is unique. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and requirements and customise recruitment strategies to find the perfect permanent talent.


Tips for Employers in New Zealand: Supporting Filipino Workers in Their Employment Choices

At Staffhouse, we believe in fostering a successful working environment for you and your Filipino employees. Here are some ways to back their employment choices, whether they’re seeking permanent or seasonal jobs abroad.

1. Provide clear and comprehensive job descriptions

Filipinos need to uproot their lives to accept jobs in New Zealand. So, ensure you inform them of what the job entails before they make big life decisions.

Write comprehensive job descriptions that clearly outline the role’s responsibilities, expectations, and career development opportunities so they can understand how their skills and aspirations align with the position.

2. Offer career counselling and support services

Working in New Zealand can be a culture shock for Filipino workers. So, consider offering career counselling and support services to help them navigate career paths within your company. This will prove your commitment to their long-term success and foster a sense of loyalty.

3. Create an inclusive and supportive workplace environment

If there’s one thing Filipinos are known for, it’s that they turn workplaces into their second homes. Create an inclusive and supportive workplace environment where they feel valued and respected. Celebrate diversity and encourage open communication about cultural backgrounds.

4. Encourage open communication about career goals and aspirations

Regularly meet with your Filipino employees to discuss their career goals and aspirations. By understanding their ambitions, you can tailor development opportunities and create a clear path for their advancement within your company.


Invest in Your Permanent Workforce

Choosing the right staffing strategy is crucial in today’s economy. While seasonal workers can address short-term needs, permanent roles offer many long-term advantages. Permanent employees bring stability, a commitment to excellence, and a drive for growth.

Don’t settle for temporary solutions. Invest in the future of your business with Staffhouse today and build a permanent team that propels you towards long-term success.


Find the Perfect Filipino Workers for Your Permanent Roles

For 25 years, Staffhouse has been helping New Zealand employers find competent Filipino workers. We offer candidate screening, recruitment strategies, and ongoing support for employers. We also assist employees in preparing for interviews and finding suitable jobs abroad. 

With us, securing the ideal fit for long-term success is effortless. Reach out to us today for expert help with your permanent employment needs. 

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