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March 30, 2021 Comments (0)

5 High Demand Jobs for Filipinos in Saudi Arabia for 2021

Openings in the healthcare and F&B sectors make Saudi Arabia a hotspot for Filipino workers.

The new normal brings new opportunities for Filipinos in Saudi Arabia as the country opens positions in many industries in need of Filipino talent. Today, we list down the most in-demand job postings from Saudi Arabia you can apply for right now.

Nurses & Healthcare Workers

Nurses are a sought-after role in Saudi Arabia for foreign nationals, this is because much of KSA’s healthcare system is reliant on importing medical professionals from other countries. This opens many opportunities for Filipino nurses as many hospitals in Saudi Arabia are in need of their skill especially now in the time of a pandemic.

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Cleaners & Housekeepers

As is the importance of healthcare professionals at this time, the demand for qualified cleaners is also high for hospitals and clinics in Saudi Arabia. Cleanliness and sanitation are top priorities in these times so openings are available in medical facilities and even hospitality businesses such as hotels.

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Restaurants & Dining

Filipinos are known for their culinary prowess and hospitable nature, skills that are in high demand in KSA right now! Many roles such as Restaurant Workers, Food Servers, Attendants, and Waiters/Waitresses are open for those aspiring to pursue F&B ventures in the MIddle East.

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Technicians & Mechanics

Of the many skilled workers that is in high demand in KSA, technician and mechanic roles are some of the most lucrative and diverse fields that Filipinos can pursue. From medical technicians such as radiology and ultrasound to more mechanical applications such as elevator technicians and refrigeration—if you are skilled in these mechanical fields then these roles are sure to satisfy you.

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Many companies are always on the lookout for driving professionals, whether it be a truck driver for long-haul transport or a personal driver for car rentals. If you are experienced behind the wheel and enjoy driving around the scenic Arabian landscape then this role might be the fit for you.

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