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May 16, 2018 Comments (0)

Filipino Traits that Might be Your Company’s Competitive Advantage

We, as Filipinos, are known around the world for our unique traits that put us in higher regard than the average employee. We have learned these traits throughout our childhood, embedded by our parents during our younger years, enriched via our education, and further solidified in our years of maturity. Thus, we are one of the most exemplary workers in the entire world. You may ask though, “What are these traits that make us stand out from other employees? What are these traits that give our company a competitive edge over the others?” Well, no need to look further, as we’ve enumerated a few of them:

1) We are hardworking.
Not to undermine other nationalities as, in general, all workers give their all when it comes to their job. However, we Filipinos usually stand out due to the fact that we know the importance of hard work and the consequences of not being on our toes. We are also prompt when it comes to the tasks at hand, so work and productivity are never stalled if a Filipino were handling it.

2) We are nurturing.
One common profession of OFWs is in the field of healthcare, may it be a nurse or a caregiver. We Filipinos are known to be efficient when giving care. This may have been embedded at home with the “Bayanihan” mentality; nonetheless, it works well when implemented abroad, and within the said professions. Foreign patients are more satisfied with Filipino caregivers and nurses as we do not simply provide care, but also a friendly smile and a heartwarming chat, adding that little extra to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

3) We exhibit “heart” towards our work.
OFWs are also known to show strong motivation toward their tasks. This is due to two things: a) we love what we do, b) we are inspired to work hard for our family’s future. Foreign employers are aware of this, and thus, trust Filipinos more when it comes to rigid work and tasks which require strong focus. The job may be tough, but the rewards are definitely plenty.

4) We exhibit flexibility.
Of course, every job requires a few qualifications and skillsets. However, we can’t deny the fact that Filipinos are very adaptive to our current situation. Regardless of educational attainment and work experience, we can adapt to our current position, is known to show great interest in learning new things. We are also known to be quick learners, making it easy for employers to let us do the tasks without too much supervision.

5) We are perfectionists.
A job well-done is a job well-executed. It is not in a Filipino’s nature to leave a particular task hanging, it is more of finishing the job efficiently, and without any complaints in the process. Remember what we said about adaptability and willingness to learn? Add those particular traits with this and you have an employee of the year candidate.

With all of that in mind, you may have finally decided to apply for work; however, you do not know where to run to? Look no further than Staffhouse International Resources Inc., a 100% Filipino-owned corporation. We have been recruiting top-level professionals since our inception in 1999, and are now a well-known name, trusted by both workforce candidates and the world’s biggest companies. We also have a Manpower Relations Desk where deployed candidates can communicate with us if ever they’d encounter concerns after deployment. For more information, you may contact us at +632-913 3333 and info@staffhouse.com.

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