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April 6, 2023 Comments (0)

Recruitment Agencies for Canada: All Things You Need to Know

Recruitment agencies, also known as staffing agencies or employment agencies, provide a range of services to both employers and job seekers. For example, if you are looking for work in Canada, a recruitment agency in the Philippines may link you with potential players in the North American country. Whether you are an individual looking for job opportunities here or abroad, or part of a company that wants to outsource its hiring process, understanding the functions of a recruitment agency may help you set your expectations.


Functions of Recruitment Agencies

One purpose of recruitment agencies is to help companies find qualified candidates to fill open positions. Below are some of their common functions.

Job posting and advertising

The best recruitment agencies use various methods to find and attract candidates for open job positions. They may post job listings on job boards, advertise on social media, or use their existing networks to source candidates. They have access to a wide network of job seekers and can leverage their resources to create job postings that are targeted to specific industries, skill sets, and job functions.

Screening and interviewing candidates

Once candidates apply for a job through the agency, recruiters will screen their resumes and conduct initial interviews to assess their qualifications, experience, and fit for the position.

Reference and background check

Recruitment agencies may check the background of job candidates. Background checks can include criminal record checks, employment history verification, education verification, and reference checks. However, the scope of the background check can vary depending on the job and the client’s requirements.

Negotiating job offers

Recruitment agencies play a significant role in negotiating job offers between their client companies and job candidates. To arrive at an offer, the agency will gather information about the candidate’s salary expectations, skills, experience, and other factors that may influence the job offer negotiation. Then, the agency will communicate with the client to understand their needs and expectations for the role and to negotiate the job offer on behalf of the candidate. Once the job offer is made, the agency will present it to the candidate and provide guidance on how to negotiate if necessary.

Once the job offer is accepted, the agency will work with the client and candidate to complete the details of the offer, such as the start date and any additional terms.

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Types of Recruitment Agencies

Types of Recruitment Agencies

There are different types of recruitment agencies, each with its own approach and focus. Understanding the differences between these types of recruitment agencies can help both employers and job seekers to find the right fit for their needs.

Contingency recruitment agency

A contingency recruitment agency is a type of staffing firm that helps companies find and hire employees for a fee. The term “contingency” refers to the fact that the agency is only paid a fee if they successfully place a candidate with the company. Contingency agencies work on multiple job openings for various clients at the same time.

Contingency recruitment agencies can be useful for companies that need to fill positions quickly or for roles that may not require highly specialized skills or experience.

Retained recruitment agency

A retained recruitment agency is a type of recruitment agency that is hired by a company to help them fill a specific position. Unlike a contingency recruitment agency, a retained recruitment agency is paid upfront and is expected to fill the position within a set period.

A retained recruitment agency provides a more personalized and comprehensive approach to recruitment, working closely with the company to identify their needs and requirements and conducting a thorough search to find the best candidates for the position.

Executive search recruitment agency

An executive search recruitment agency, also known as an executive search firm or headhunting firm, is a specialized type of recruitment agency that focuses on identifying and recruiting highly qualified candidates for senior-level, executive, or specialized positions within organizations.

They use a variety of methods to identify potential candidates, including targeted advertising, personal networks, and direct outreach to individuals who may be a good fit for the position.

Temp staffing recruitment agency

A temp staffing recruitment agency specializes in providing temporary or contract workers to businesses and organizations on a short-term basis. Temporary workers, also known as temps, are employees who are hired for a specific period, usually to fill in for a permanent employee who is absent or to handle a temporary increase in workload.

Niche or specialized recruitment agency

There are also specialized recruitment agencies that focus on specific industries, job types, or skill sets. These agencies can be very useful for job seekers who are looking for a job in a specific industry or with a specific skill set, as they can provide access to job opportunities and employers who may not be as visible or accessible through general recruitment channels.

An example of a niche or specialized is a Healthcare Recruitment Agency, which specializes in recruiting healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and allied health workers.


Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency

Choosing the right recruitment agency can be a critical decision for both job seekers and employers. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a recruitment agency:

License to operate

First, check if the recruitment agency is registered and licensed. International recruitment agencies, like a recruitment agency for Canada, need to have a license. In the Philippines, Department of Migrant Workers (DMW formerly POEA) regulates recruitment agencies that facilitate the deployment of Filipino workers abroad. You may check its website for the list of licensed recruitment agencies. Also, research the agency’s background and history. Check if they have been involved in any legal disputes related to employment laws or if they have any outstanding complaints against them.

Specialization and track record

Choose a recruitment agency that specializes in the industry or job function you are hiring for. This will ensure they have a better understanding of your needs and can provide qualified candidates. Also look for an agency that has a proven track record of successful placements in your industry. Check their references and read reviews from other employers who have worked with them.

Find out about the agency’s recruitment process, how they source and screen candidates, and how they handle the hiring process. You want an agency that is thorough and efficient in its work.

Ultimately, you want to find the right recruitment agency that understands your needs and can deliver results. This is where we at Staffhouse International Resources, one of the top recruitment agencies in the Philippines for Canada and other parts of the world, come in. Being a duly licensed recruitment agency with years of experience under our belt, you can never go wrong with us, whether you are a job seeker or an employer.


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