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December 6, 2022 Comments (0)

Recruitment Process: Basic Steps in Hiring Top Applicants

Hiring qualified talent is essential for every business. Fortunately, talent acquisition is not bound by geographic limitations and, thus, gives more chances for Filipinos to find a job abroad and for foreign employers to hire great Filipino talents.

Since working abroad is more complex than working in your home country, the overall recruitment process would need some assistance from recruitment or employment agencies. These employment agencies serve as an intermediary between a company looking to hire someone and a job seeker seeking employment. There are many employment agencies in the Philippines nowadays, but it’s always best to go with this registered under the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) or Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).


How Does a Recruitment Process Work

A recruitment process involves finding candidates with the skills, experience, and personality to fit a specific job opening. The method also involves determining job vacancies, analyzing job requirements, reviewing resumes, screening applicants, conducting job interviews, and shortlisting potential candidates until the last section and onboarding an employee. Human resource managers typically collaborate with relevant departments to streamline the recruitment process.

A good recruitment process involves finding qualified candidates as timely and efficiently as possible. The recruitment process is not as simple as it seems. It requires planning and constant evaluation because the recruitment industry also evolves with technology. Hence, recruitment managers, headhunters, and employment agencies must streamline the process sometimes.


Importance of a Well-Defined Recruitment Process

Good recruitment is critical for every organization, especially now that the global economy is faced with looming uncertainties as a byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes the labor market tight in finding the right people for the right roles at the right time.

A well-defined recruitment process ensures that a company’s workforce has the relevant skills, abilities, and talent for its current and future needs. By adopting detailed and structured recruitment steps, you will attract the right talent and build culture for the firm.


Phases of Recruitment Process

Recruitment process phases online


Recruitment planning

This initial stage of recruitment is considered a pre-arranged strategy for hiring employees. A recruitment plan is mandatory for this stage to generate potential candidates from the application pool.

In this stage, these factors are usually laid down

● Job vacancy identification
● Job vacancy analysis
● Job description, specifications, and qualifications
● Job evaluation and grading

Recruitment strategy

This is the phase where a hiring plan is set in motion to source candidates with the right skills and experience. This includes posting job opportunities on different platforms, including social media like Facebook. Job boards and search engines can also be instrumental in landing qualified talent for a company. Recruitment firms can benefit from programmatic advertising, which optimizes machine learning algorithms to show the right candidate the suitable ads at the right time.

Searching for the right candidate

Reviewing many applications may be a tedious task for hiring managers, but it is among the most crucial recruitment process steps in HRM or human resource management. Finding the right candidate to fill a job abroad means that you are giving this person an opportunity to provide better for their family. Using a blind review process can help you sort candidates out without bias and gives every candidate a fair shot at inching the post.

Screening process

Job screening in the recruitment process is critical in securing the right talent to send to an employer abroad. Many overseas recruitment partners require a preliminary screening to provide a pool of candidates to be shortlisted. The screening in the recruitment process may vary depending on the organization’s needs and preferences. Nowadays, initial screening can be done over video calls. As a recruiter, you need to know if the candidate is legally allowed to work in the country they are applying to, if they already possess a work visa, or if they will need sponsorship.

Evaluation and Control

This is the last stage of the recruitment process. In this stage, hiring managers can use three pillars to assess the entire process: quality, speed, and cost. This will help you modify the recruitment process to cut costs or speed up the process the next time.

When conducting evaluations, you can compare the following:

● number of candidates presented over the number of candidates interviewed
● number of candidates interviewed over several candidates offered
● number of candidates offered over the number of candidates hired


Staffhouse Recruitment Process

Staffhouse International Resources recruitment process comprises a seamless pre-recruitment stage that benefits employees and employers. This includes:

● Recruitment agreement
● POLO verification
● DMW or POEA registration
● Turnover to recruitment

Staffhouse’s four-step recruitment process involves:

● Recruitment plan approval
● Sourcing and shortlisting of candidates
● Client interview and selection
● Job offer negotiation and acceptance.

Read in-depth Staffhouse Recruitment Process here: The Staffhouse Way of Hiring


Staffhouse is committed to providing the best recruitment services to foreign employers and extend employment opportunities to Filipinos. Staffhouse is proud to be a licensed recruitment agency that doesn’t charge applicants for overseas work—indeed, an ethical feat in the recruitment industry. The Philippines has a highly-skilled labor force, and Staffhouse aims to bring that Filipino talent into the global labor market.

Staffhouse’s recruitment service for the automotive industry is one of its strongest service areas. It also has a separate team who focuses on medical recruitment. Over the years, Staffhouse has provided nurses and other medical staff to private and general hospitals across the globe.

Hiring foreign workers can be challenging, but Staffhouse makes achieving that opportunity for foreign employers worthwhile and worth it. That’s why Staffhouse clients and overseas partners recognize the company’s dedication to quality and ethical recruitment for the Filipino people. Connect with us through our website or Facebook page to learn more about our recruitment process steps and services.